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Power Supply/ Power Analyzer/ Recorder

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Battery TesterKFM2150 SYSTEM 3000-02KikusuiKFM2150+PLZ1004W+PLZ2004WB (1unit), Bench top type, 1.5 to 150V/ 600A, 3000W
2Battery TesterPFX2332KikusuiPFX2121 controler/ PFX2011 (5V/5A/25W) 6 units
3Battery TesterPFX2512SKikusuiCharge/Discharge system controller, 60V/50A
4Battery TesterKFM2151Kikusui32ch scanner for KFM2150
5Battery Tester ScannerKFM2151Kikusui32ch scanner for KFM2150
6Electronic Load6304Chroma63010 module (2A/20A'16V/64V 100W) 3ea
7Electronic Load6314Chroma63102(20W(0~2A) or 100W(0~20A)/0~80V 2ch) 4 units
8Electronic Load63202ChromaProgrammable DC Electronic Load, 2600W/ 50A/600V
9Electronic Load3302CProdigitMainframe 3302C, Module 3315C, 60V/15A, 75W
10Electronic Load63104A with 63103A 4 unitsChroma63104A with 63103A(6A/60A 5V/50V 300W) 4 units
11Electronic Load6312A with 63108AChroma6312A with 63108A
12Electronic LoadELZ303KEISOKU GIKENzero volt electronic load, 30V , 100A , 300W, 50A/us slew rate
13Electronic LoadEML-05BFujitsuDC120V-30A-150W , 5CH
14Electronic LoadM9712MAYNUO
15Electronic LoadPLZ1003WHKikusui1000W, 5~500V/ 50A
16Electronic LoadPLZ1004WKikusui1000W, 1.5V~150V/ 200A
17Electronic LoadPLZ164WAKikusui
18Electronic LoadPLZ303WKikusui
19Electronic LoadPLZ603WKikusuiCC/ CR/ CV/ CP mode, 5~500V/ 30A/ 600W, 16Kg
20Electronic LoadRBL488 50-1000-4000TDICC/ CR/ CV/ CP, Analog / Pulse mode 0.06Hz to 3,333Hz, 50V/ 1000A/ 4000W
21Electronic LoadRBL488 50-400-2000TDICC/ CR/ CV/ CP, Analog / Pulse mode 0.06Hz to 3,333Hz, 50V/ 400A/ 2000W
22Electronic Load AC3091LD+3091+3091California instruments3phase Multi-mode AC Electronic Load, 9KW, 50~350V/45~440Hz, Programmable Crest & Power Factor, Built-in Measurements, IEEE-488 and RS232C
23Electronic Load AC3091LDCalifornia instrumentsMulti-mode AC Electronic Load, 3KW, 50~350V/45~440Hz
24Electronic Load ACPCZ1000AKikusui45Hz to 65Hz, 1000W, 14-280V(rms)/ 20-400Vp, 10A(rms)/10Ap, crest factor, RS232, CC/ CR/ CP mode
25Electronic Load AC/DC32613AProdigit7200VA, 72Arms/ 50~300Vrms, CC/ CR mode, 153Kg
26Electronic Load AC/DC32616AProdigit12600W, 126Arms/ 50~300Vrms, CC/ CR mode, 230Kg
27Electronic Load High Voltagemodel 555Yosiooperating voltage +-100~3KV/ max 2A, resolution 10uA(20mA range), floating load
28Electronic Load ModularPLZ50FKikusuiPLZ50F-70UA0-150U5, 75W/15, 0V-150V 5 units
29Memory HiCorder8840Hioki8916(Analog unit 1ch Voltage input, DC to 100KHz band) x8,Hard case
30Memory HiCorder8860Hioki
31Memory HiCorder8861Hioki8956 (2ch for voltage/ Isolated BNC/ Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 V AC, DC) 8 units
32Memory HiCorder8852-4M HiokiAnalog 4ch/ Logic 24ch, 100 MS/s
33Power Analyzer Digital3193Hioki단상2선/ 단상3선/ 삼상3선/ 삼상4선, 9602 4ea/ 9270 3ea, 9272 1ea
34Power Meter Clamp On3290Hioki9692 OUTPUT-2V/200A / 600V/200A
35Power Meter DigitalPF9802EverfineAC/DC Digital Power Meter
36Power Meter DigitalPM1000+Voltech
37Power Meter DigitalPM3000AVoltech1ch
38Power Meter DigitalWT110EYokogawa
39Power Meter DigitalWT1600Yokogawa760101-60(5A input element 6 units)- C1(GPIB)/ M(UL/CSA)/ B5(internal printer)/ DA(30 ch DA output)/ MTR(Motor evaluation function), 758917(test lead red & black) 6 units, 758929(Large alligator-clip rated at 1000V) 6 units, 758923(Safety terminal adapter, (spring-hold type) Two adapters to a set) 12 units
40Power Meter DigitalWT1600Yokogawa760101-60(5A input element 6 units)- C2(Serial (RS-232) ) -M/ C10(Ethernet, HDD, SCSI)/ MTR(Motor evaluation function)/ 7N
41Power Supply AC1201WPCalifornia instruments1200VA, 47Hz to 500Hz, 5V~130V or 5V~260V
42Power Supply AC3001ix with PACS-1California Instruments3KVA, single phase, 0~135V/0~270Vrms, 22Arms~110Ap/ 11Arms~92Ap, PACS-1 Harmonic/Flicker Tester
43Power Supply AC351TCCalifornia instruments350 VA, Standard Output Voltage (L-N): 0-120, 0-240, Full Power Frequency Range: 45Hz to 5kHz
44Power Supply AC5001iMCalifornia Instruments5KVA, 1Phs, 0~135Vrms/ 0~270rms, 16Hz to 500Hz 0.1Hz resolution
45Power Supply ACDPS1005Everfine500VA, output voltage 0~150V; 0~300V, current 110V/4.6A, 220V/2.3A, frequency 40.0Hz~65.0Hz;40.0Hz~450Hz(optional)
46Power Supply ACmodel 6610ExtechProgrammable AC Power Source 1KVA/ 40~500Hz 0.1Hz resolution
47Power Supply ACPCR1000LKikusuiAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 20/10 max current, 1kVA, 1 to 999.9Hz
48Power Supply ACPCR2000L KikusuiAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 20/10 max current, 2kVA, 1 to 999.9Hz
49Power Supply ACPCR2000WKikusuisingle phase, 2KVA, output 1.0 to 300.0 VAC, 1.00 to 500.0Hz, DC mode 1.4 to 424V
50Power Supply ACPCR4000L KikusuiAC 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 20/40 max current, 4kVA, 1 to 999.9Hz
51Power Supply ACPCR500LKikusuiAC output : 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 5/2.5 max current, 500VA, 1 to 999.10Hz
52Power Supply ACPCR500LAKikusuiAC output : 1 to 150V/2 to 300V, 5/2.5 max current, 500VA, 1 to 999.9Hz
53Power Supply ACPCR6000LAKikusuiAC mode output 6KVA, 1~150V/2~300V, 60/30A, 1~999.9Hz DC mode output 3KVA, 1.4~212V/2.8~424V, 60/30A, weight 160Kg
54Power Supply ACSRA2KMatsusadaDC 420V/AC300V/550Hz/2kVA
55Power Supply AC ControllerPCR02-PCR-LKikusui
56Power Supply DC6030AAgilentAgilent label opt100 170V/17A/800W/1ch
57Power Supply DC6032AAgilent1ch, 50V/50A, opt100(50V/50A 800W)
58Power Supply DC62012P-80-60Chroma80V/ 60A/ 1200W, Programmable
59Power Supply DC62050H-40ChromaProgrammable DC Power Supply 40V/125A/5KW, 380V 3phase input
60Power Supply DC6551AAgilent8V/50A/400W
61Power Supply DC6552AAgilent20V/25A/500W/1ch
62Power Supply DC66000A AgilentHigh density 1200W mainframe, 66101A : module 8V/ 16A 128W 5 units
63Power Supply DC6612C Agilent20V/2A, 40W, GPIB, RS-232C
64Power Supply DC6624AAgilent4ch, Ch1,2 (7V-20V/2A-5A 40W), Ch3,4 (20V-50V/2A-0.8A 40W)
65Power Supply DC66311BAgilent1ch, 15V/3A (5Vpeak)
66Power Supply DC66312AAgilentDynamic measurement 1ch, 20V/2A 40W
67Power Supply DC6654AAgilent60V/9A, single ch, Keysight warranty until FEB 13, 2017
68Power Supply DC6692AAgilent60V/110A/6600W
69Power Supply DCDCS80-13EM1M96Sorensen0-85V , 0-12A, 1KW
70Power Supply DCDCS8-125Sorensen8V/125A/1KW
71Power Supply DCDHP50-133SorensenDC 50V/133A, input 200~240V 3 phase
72Power Supply DCDLM150-4Sorensenoutput : 0-150V/0-4A/ 600W, 1U size, 4.4Kg
73Power Supply DCE3631AAgilentAgilent label 3ch total, +25V-1A/ -25V-1A/ 6V-5A, 80W GPIB
74Power Supply DCE3631AAgilentHP label
75Power Supply DCE3632AAgilent1ch, Dual Range 15V/7A 30V/4A, GP-IB/RS232
76Power Supply DCE3640AAgilent1ch, Dual Range 8V/3A, 20V/1.5A, 30W, GPIB/RS232
77Power Supply DCE3642AAgilent20V - 5A, Total Power 50W
78Power Supply DCE3644AAgilentdual range 8V/8A or 20V/4A, 80W
79Power Supply DCEMS100-10TDK-LAMBDA100V/10A/1000W,100mVpp Ripple, 1U size 7Kg
80Power Supply DCEX-1500H2Takasago1ch, 240V/25A, 1500W
81Power Supply DCEX-1500U2Takasago500V/8A/1500W, 1ch
82Power Supply DCEX300-6ODA300V/6A/1800W, 4-Digit Display Resolution, OVP/ OCP/ UVL/ OVL/ UCL/ OCL
83Power Supply DCEX-375L2Takasago60V/25A/375W/1ch
84Power Supply DCEX-750U2Takasago500V/4A/750W/1ch
85Power Supply DCFX020-150Takasago20V/150A, 3KW, input 3 phase (RST) 180V~250V
86Power Supply DCFX035-344Takasago35V/344A, 12040W, OVP/OCP, dimension 430mm (W) X 716(H) X 525, weight 82Kg
87Power Supply DCFX060-100Takasago60V/100A, 6KW, input 3 phase (RST) 180V~250V
88Power Supply DCFX060-300Takasago60V/300A, 18KW, input 3 phase (RST) 180V~250V
89Power Supply DCFX060-50Takasago60V/50A, 3KW, input 3 phase (RST) 180V~250V
90Power Supply DCGEN300-11TDK-LAMBDA300V/ 11A/ Input 3phase 220V
91Power Supply DCGEN30-110TDK-LAMBDA30V/110A/3.3KW in 2U/ 20VAC 3 phase input, RS-232/485
92Power Supply DCGEN600-1.3 TDK-LAMBDA600V/1.3A
93Power Supply DCGEN600-2.6TDK-LAMBDA600V/2.6A, 1500W
94Power Supply DCGEN80-9.5TDK-LAMBDA80V/9.5A, 750W
95Power Supply DCHX015050Takasago150V/50A/ 7.5KW, input AC180~220/ 3 phase/ 45Hz~65Hz
96Power Supply DCHX030050Takasago300V/50A/ 15KW, input AC180~220/ 3 phase/ 45Hz~65Hz
97Power Supply DCHX060-100M2Takasago60V/100A, 6KW, 0~63V, input : 3phase 180~242V, 45~65Hz
98Power Supply DCLC1202TDK-LAMBDA1~30KV/ 12,000J/s
99Power Supply DCMCL140-200 Fug200V/600mA, 222 mm (W) / 89 mm (H) / 450 mm (D), 4 kg
100Power Supply DCN5747AAgilent60V/12.5A, 750W
101Power Supply DCN6741BAgilentDC Power Supply Module 5V/20A/100W
102Power Supply DCNTN2800M-350Fug350V/8A, 2800W, input 400V+-10% 47~53Hz
103Power Supply DCP31A-1507CBAmetek-Sorensen0~150V/0~7A/1050W, input 115/230V, 50/60Hz, 1U size
104Power Supply DCPAD110-20LA Kikusui110V/ 20A
105Power Supply DCPAD250-15LAKikusui250V/15A, weight 92Kg, dimension 440mm(W)x575(H)x525(D)
106Power Supply DCPAD250-8LA Kikusui250V/ 8A
107Power Supply DCPAN250-2.5A KikusuiLow Noise and High Stable Output, 250V/2.5A/700W, CV/CC
108Power Supply DCPAS100-28Kikusui100V/28A
109Power Supply DCPAS20-18 Kikusui1ch, 20V/18A, 360W
110Power Supply DCPAS20-36Kikusui1ch, 20V/36A, 720W
111Power Supply DCPAS40-18 Kikusui40V/18A/1ch
112Power Supply DCPAS40-27Kikusui40V/27A/1ch
113Power Supply DCPAS40-9 Kikusui1ch, 40V/9A, 360W
114Power Supply DCPAS500-1.8Kikusui1ch, 500V/1.8A
115Power Supply DCPAS60-12Kikusui60V/12A/1ch
116Power Supply DCPAS60-18Kikusui60V/18A/1ch, CV Ripple : 14mVrms, CC Ripple : 48mVrms, 7Kg weight
117Power Supply DCPAS60-6Kikusui60V/6A
118Power Supply DCPAS80-13.5Kikusui80V/13.5A/1ch
119Power Supply DCPBX20-10 Kikusui1ch, ±20V/±10A, 200W, Bipolar DC Power Supply
120Power Supply DCPBX40-2.5Kikusui1ch, ±40V/±2.5A, 100W, Bipolar DC Power Supply
121Power Supply DCPD35-10D Kenwood35V/10A, 350W중량 23Kg, 110V only
122Power Supply DCPD36-10AD Kenwood36V/10A, 23Kg
123Power Supply DCPD56-10AD Kenwood56V/10A, 중량 23Kg
124Power Supply DCPDS120-6Kenwood0V-120V,0A-6A, 1050W/1100VA, ripple CV:1mVrms CC: 10mArms
125Power Supply DCPGD40-100T Kikusui40V/100A/1ch/Input 3 phase
126Power Supply DCPHS10K-10Kikusui0.05 to 10KV/ 10mA/ 110Vonly
127Power Supply DCPMP16-1QUKikusuich1(25V/3A), ch2(6V/2A), ch3(-16V/-1A), ch4(16V/1A)
128Power Supply DCPMR18-1.3TR Kikusui3ch, 0 to 6V/0 to 18V/0 to-18V
129Power Supply DCPR10-75Matsusada10V/75A, 750W
130Power Supply DCPR300-10-LMatsusada300V/ 10A/ Input 3phase 220V
131Power Supply DCPR30-10-L Matsusada300V/ 10A/ Input 3phase 220V
132Power Supply DCPR350-12Matsusada350V/ 12A output, input 220V 3 phase
133Power Supply DCPR60-20-L Matsusada60V/ 20A, 1.2KW, 110V input
134Power Supply DCPS36-20 Kenwood36V 20A Digital DC Power Supply, 110V input
135Power Supply DCPS60-12Kenwood60V/12A, 110V input
136Power Supply DCPU30-25Texio30V/25A/750W, SMPS type, 1U size, Xantrex OEM
137Power Supply DCPU30-50Texio30V/50A/1500W, SMPS type, 2U size, Xantrex OEM
138Power Supply DCPU60-25Texio60V/25A/1500W, SMPS type
139Power Supply DCPU6-200Texio6V/200A/1ch, Xantrex OEM
140Power Supply DCPU80-19Texio80V/19A 1500W, RS-232, 1U Size (43.6mm), USB & RS232 , Xantrex OEM
141Power Supply DCPU8-180Texio8V/180A, Xantrex OEM
142Power Supply DCPVS100-28Kikusui100V/28A, Xantrex OEM
143Power Supply DCPVS300-4Kikusui300V/ 4A/ 1200W, Xantrex OEM
144Power Supply DCPVS600-2Kikusui600V/2A/ 1200W, Xantrex OEM
145Power Supply DCPVS600-4Kikusui600V/4A/ 2400W, Xantrex OEM
146Power Supply DCPVS60-46Kikusui1ch, 60V/46A, 2760W, Xantrex OEM
147Power Supply DCPWR400LKikusui400W、0〜80V/0〜25A
148Power Supply DCPWR800LKikusui
149Power Supply DCSPEC70237 Kikusui4ch(1ch/16V/1A, 2ch/-16V/1A, 3ch/25V/3A, 4ch/6V/2A)
150Power Supply DCXDC600-10Xantrex600V/ 10A, input 3 phase 220V
151Power Supply DCXFR35-35Xantrex
152Power Supply DCXFR600-4Xantrex600V/4A/2400W, input 190-264 VAC, 1φ, 47-63 Hz, 15Kg, 2U size
153Power Supply DCXG300-2.8Sorensen0-300V , 0-2.8A ,850W
154Power Supply DCXG40-42Ametek-Sorensen1700W/40V/42, 85~265 Vac continuous, input 47~63 Hz, single phase
155Power Supply DCXG80-19Ametek-Sorensen80V/19A 1500W, RS-232, 1U Size (43.6mm), USB & RS232
156Power Supply DCXHR120-10Xantrex120V/10A
157Power Supply DCXHR600-2Xantrex600V/2A
158Power Supply DCXHR7.5-80Xantrex7.5V/80A/600W
159Power Supply DCZUP36-12TDK-LAMBDA36V/12A
160Power Supply DCZUP36-24 TDK-LAMBDA36V/24A 864W, CV/CC mode, Built in RS232/ RS485
161Power Supply DCZUP36-6TDK-LAMBDA36V/6A 216W, CV/CC mode, Built in RS232/ RS485
162Power Supply DCZX-1600HTakasago640V/ 20A/ 1600W
163Power Supply DCZX-1600HATakasago640V/20A/ 1600W
164Power Supply DCZX-1600LATakasago84V/160A/ 1600W, Zoom Technology Switching Regulator, 0.00 to 84.00V (10mV resolution)
165Power Supply DCZX-400LTakasago0~84V(10mV Resolution)/0~42A(10mA)/ 400W, zoom function, SMPS type
166Power Supply DC BipolarBP4610NFoutput : max voltage DC +-115V/ , 40KHz +-60V(4 ohm load resistance), max current DC +-10A/ 10KHz +-13A(4 ohm load resistance), CV/CC, +-V0 limiter/+-I0 Limiter function, USB
167Power Supply DC Bipolar/ / Operational AmplifierBOP200-1MKepco±200v ±1a
168Power Supply DC Bipolar/ / Operational AmplifierBOP36-6MKepco+-36V/+-6A, 200W, high-powered operational amplifiers with full 4-quadrant, bipolar operation
169Power Supply DC High VoltageHCN700-12500Fug12.5KV/50mA
170Power Supply DC High VoltageHCP1400-20000 Fug20KV/60mA
171Power Supply DC High VoltageHX0100015Takasago1000V/15A/15KW, noise 300mVpp, load regulation 0.05%+max current X 0.01%, size 430X199X690mm, 47Kg
172Power Supply DC High VoltageOLS10K-303-12Hitekoutput : max 30KV(333mA)/ 10KW
173Power Supply DC High VoltageOLS10K-350-17Hitekoutput : max 30KV(333mA)/ 10KW
174Power Supply DC High VoltageOLS10K-353-16Hitekoutput : max 30KV(333mA)/ 10KW
175Power Supply DC High VoltagePS310 SRS12 to ±1250 Volts, 20 mA
176Power Supply DC to DCNT-DD-2000D + NT-SCKG2KW, 200~350V10A
177Power Supply MicrowaveAX2050MKS/ASTEXIntelligent Microwave Power Generator, 2500W
178Recorder AnalyzingAR4400Yokogawa8ch Analog입력, sampling rate :1MS/s, -M/ Universal 702611 4ea
179Recorder Hybrid8826Hioki32ch, 8936 (Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement) module 16 units
180Recorder Hybrid8841Hioki8ch, 8936 (Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement) module 4 units
181Recorder Hybrid8842Hioki16ch, 8936 (Number of channels: 2, for voltage measurement) module 8 units
182Recorder HybridGL7000GraphtekData Platform, 10ch, GL7-SSD
183Recorder HybridGL800Graphtek 
184Recorder HybridMV204Yokogawa4ch
185Recorder HybridMV2048Yokogawa48ch
186Recorder HybridMX100-J-1MYokogawa24ch, MX110-UNV-H04 6 units

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