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LCR / Component Analyzers

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1C HiTester3504-60Hioki120 Hz or 1kHz, Accuracy : ± 0.01% or less
2Capacitance Meter4268AAgilent 120Hz/1kHz Capacitance Meter, opt 002
3Curve Tracer370Tekwithout protect cover
4Curve Tracer370ATekwithout protect cover
5Curve Tracer370BTek
6Curve TracerTT-508Iwatsu
7Curve Tracer High Voltage371ATekHigh voltage curve tracer, 3000V, with 370A test fixture
8CV Meter4279AAgilent1MHz
9DC Voltage/ Current Source7651Yokoagawarear panel output
10DC Voltage/ Current SourceR6144 AdvantestProgrammable DC Voltage/Current Generator DCV : +-0.03%, Max 32V, 1uV resolution DCI : +-0.035%, Max 160mA
11DC Voltage/ Current SourceR6145 AdvantestProgrammable DC Voltage/Current Source
12Decade Resistance BoxDB62Tegam1M range to 10 ohm range
13High Resistance Meter4349A AgilentFour ch High Resistance Meter
14High Resistance Meter4349BAgilentFour ch High Resistance Meter
15High Resistance MeterR8340A AdvantestMeasurement of Micro Current from 10fA to 19.999mA
16High Resistance MeterSM-8215TOASuper MegaOhm Meter
17impdeance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyzer4195AAgilent
18Impedance Analyzer1250Solatron
19Impedance Analyzer4191AAgilent
20Impedance Analyzer4192AAgilent5Hz to 13MHz
21Impedance Analyzer4291AAgilent1MHz to 1.8GHz, 16192A Accessory Kit/ without test head
22Impedance Analyzer4291BAgilentwith test station & test head
23Impedance Analyzer4294AAgilent40Hz to 100MHz, opt 1D5(High stability frequency reference)
24Impedance Analyzer Test Kit41941A (350)Agilent
25Impedance Analyzer Test Kit41951AAgilent
26Impedance Analyzer Test Kit42941AAgilent42941-60001(impedance probe) only, 40 Hz to 110 MHz
27Impedance Test Adapter43961AAgilent
28Impedance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyzer4395AAgilent
29Impedance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyzer4396AAgilent
30Impedance/ Network/ Spectrum Analyzer4396BAgilent
31LCR Meter3522-50HiokiDC, 1mHz~100KHz
32LCR Meter3532Hioki42Hz~5MHz
33LCR Meter3532-50Hioki42Hz~5MHz
34LCR Meter3535Hioki100KHz to 100MHz, 9700-10(Head AMP Unit)
35LCR Meter4263BAgilent100Hz to 100KHz, Agilent label
36LCR Meter4284A HPAgilentHP brand, 20 Hz - 1 MHz
37LCR Meter4284A HPAgilentHP brand, with opt 006
38LCR Meter4284A HPAgilentHP brand, with opt 201
39LCR Meter4284A HPAgilentHP brand, with opt 001(Power Amplifer/DC Bias)
40LCR Meter4285A HPAgilentAgilent brand, with opt 001/ 006
41LCR Meter4285A HPAgilent75kHz ~ 30MHz, opt 001, HP label
42LCR Meter4285A HPAgilent75kHz ~ 30MHz, HP label
43LCR Meter4286AAgilent1MHz to 1GHz, with 10kHz steps, with test head
44LCR Meter4287AAgilentwith test head, 1MHz to 3GHz with 100KHz step
45LCR MeterKC-535CKDK120Hz and 1KHz
46LCR MeterKC-548KDK10KHz to 1MHz
47LCR MeterLCR-819GW12Hz~100KHz,0.05%,R/Q, C/D, C/R, L/Q
48LCR MeterZM2410NF20Hz to 1MHz
49LCR Meter Fixture16047EAgilent40Hz to 110MHz
50LCR Meter Fixture16048AAgilentLCR Meter test leads 2 meter
51LCR Meter Fixture16048BAgilent
52LCR Meter Fixture16048CAgilent
53LCR Meter Fixture16048DAgilent
54LCR Meter Fixture16085AAgilent
55LCR Meter Fixture16089DAgilentAlligator
56LCR Meter Fixture16092AAgilent
57LCR Meter Fixture16191AAgilentSide Electrode Test Fixture DC to 2GHz
58LCR Meter Fixture16194AAgilentHigh Temperature Component Test Fixture
59LCR Meter Fixture16197AAgilentBottom Electrode SMD Test Fixture
60Milliohm Meter3560Hioki
61Milliohm Meter4338BAgilent1uA to 10mA Test Signal Current, 10uOhm to 100Kohm
62pA Meter/DC Voltage Source4140BAgilent
63PicoAmmeter486KeithleyPicoammeter/Voltage Source
64PicoAmmeter487KeithleyPicoammeter/Voltage Source, 10fA resolution
65Picoammeter/Voltage Source6487Keithley
66Resistance Calibrator5450A Fluke
67Semiconductor Analyzer4145BAgilent
68Semiconductor Analyzer4155A Agilent
69Semiconductor Analyzer4156AAgilent
70Semiconductor AnalyzerE5263AAgilent2 Channel IV Analyzer / Source Monitor Unit E5291A(High Speed Midium Power SMU Module)/ E5290A(High Speed High Power SMU Module)
71Source Measure Unit High Voltage237KeithleyHigh-Voltage Source-Measure Unit +/-0 to1000V 0 to.1 A by 10uV/10fA, with bad cosmetic
72Source MeterTR6143Advantest10uV/1nA step DC voltage/current output,max 2A output
73Source/Monitor Voltage Current6246ADCMTDC Voltage/Current source and monitor, Dual CH
74Source/Monitor Voltage CurrentR6245 AdvantestDC Voltage/Current source and monitor, Measurement resolution of 1uV/ 10fA(SMU220-2
75TRANSMISSION/REFLECTION TEST SET41952A Agilent100kHz~500MHz, 50 ohm
76TRANSMISSION/REFLECTION TEST SET41952BAgilent100kHz~500MHz, 75 ohm

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