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Optic/ Wireline Communication

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Error DetectorMP1762AAnritsu
2Error DetectorMP1762CAnritsu
3Integrating Sphere ???Sphere for T5/T8 LED tubeSensingluminous flux and spectral distribution measurement special of T5/T8 LED tube, 2000Ø
4Integrating Sphere ???EverfineSpecktron Coating Intergrating Sphere, 1000Ø
6Lamp Measurement SystemLMS-120J&Cwith Source Meter 2400/ Integrating Sphere
7Laser Diode Control Current SourceLDX-3412ILX0 - 200 mA output range
8Laser Diode ControllerLDC500ThorLab0 ~+-500mA
9Laser Source05-LHR-321Melles Griotwith power unit (05LPL911-065)
10Laser Source Tunable8168AAgilent
11Laser Source Tunable8168FAgilent
12Laser Source Tunable8168F opt 003Agilentopt003(Variable Attenuator)
12Light SourceASE-FL7003ThorLabTotal Output Power>+15dBm (30mW), Spectral Power Density (typical) > -18dBm/nm@1530nm
13Light Source MG9511Anritsu
14Lightwave Switch86060C Agilent001/ 012/ 051/ 109/ 208
16Optical Attenuator8156AAgilentopt 101
17Optical AttenuatorMN924A AndoSM(10/125um), max 65dB
18Optical AttenuatorMN9605CAnritsu
19Optical Attenuator ProgrammableHA9-Z012JDSU100 dB range(0.01 dB reso), Accuracy of ± 0.1 dB, 1200-1700 nm Wavelength Range, GPIB and RS232 Remote Control
20Optical Component Analyzer8702DAgilent8753D with optical unit
21Optical Component Analyzer8703AAgilent8720C with optical unit, opt 012/ 100(external Lightwave source input)/ 220(1300 laser source)/ 300("extra” receiver)
22Optical Connector InspectorNM-10 (Type : 073-S0008-0D00)NEC
23Optical Connector InspectorNM-2500NEC
24Optical Fiber AmplifierErFA1215-L-F9807FitelSignal Wavelength 1550nm to 1560nm
25Optical Fiber Scope OFS300Noyes20X
26Optical Light SourceMG9001AAnritsuMG0938C4
27Optical Multi Test SystemAQ2202YokogawaFrame Controller
28Optical Multi Test System ModuleAQ2200-215YokogawaSensor Module
29Optical Multi Test System ModuleAQ2200-311YokogawaSensor Module
30Optical Multi Test System ModuleAQ2200-641YokogawaXFP Interface Module
31Optical Multimeter81536AAgilentGaAs Optical Power Sensor
32Optical Multimeter8153AAgilent81536A
33Optical Multimeter8153AAgilent81512SM(Laser Source 1310nm)/ 81534A(Return Loss Module)
34Optical Multimeter81632B AgilentPOWER SENSOR , InGaAs ,dBm / -80 dBm
35Optical Multimeter81633AAgilent800 to 1700 nm InGaAs Optical Power Sensor Modul
36Optical Multimeter81635A AgilentDual Optical Power Sensor
37Optical Multimeter81651A AgilentLaser Source 1550 nnm
38Optical Multimeter81654AAgilentDual Fabry-Perot Laser Source Module, 1310nm & 1550nm
39Optical Multimeter81689A AgilentTUNEABLE LASER SOURCE Module 1550nm
40Optical MultimeterAQ2150AndoSensor Unit(AQ2753)
41Optical Network AnalyzerQ7750AdvantestOptical Network Analyzer
42Optical Polarization ScramblerQ8163Advantest
43Optical Power MeterADCE8250AADCE
44Optical Power MeterAQ-1135E Ando
45Optical Power MeterNOVA II DisplayOphirNOVA II DISPLAY/ 1Z01550
46Optical SourceTQ81310AdvantestTQ81312 (-51.5dBm at 1291nm) / TQ81311 (-40.4dBm at 850nm)
47Optical Spectrum Analyzer 86140BAgilent600nm~1700nm
48Optical Spectrum AnalyzerAQ6315AAndo350 to 1750 nm
49Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6317BAndo600nm~1750nm
50Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6317CAndoWavelength 600 to 1750 nm, Fiber SM (10/125 µm), GI (50/125 µm)
51Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6331AndoPortable OSA, 55dB dynamic range, 1200 to 1700nm wavelength range, +-0.02nm accuracy(1520 to 1580nm)
52Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9710AAnritsu600 to 1750 nm
53Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9710CAnritsu600 to 1750 nm
54Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9780AAnritsuopt13(Wavelength Reference & SLD Light Source), Optical Spectrum Analyzers RPG
55Optical Spectrum Analyzer Q8341Advantest350m~1000nm
56Optical Spectrum AnalyzerQ8344AAdvantestWavelength range 350 to 1750 nm
57Optical Spectrum AnalyzerQ8384Advantest600 to 1700nm, opt 25 (Light Source for wavelength calibration with EE-LED and acetylene cell output: Output level*1; =-45 dBm/nm (1550 nm))
58Optical Wavelength MeterAQ6141Ando900 to 1680nm/+-0.2 ppm, SM
59OTDRMW9060A AnritsuAnritsu MW9060A OTDR mainframe with MW0944B 1310/1550nm single-mode OTDR modul
60OTDRMW9076BAnritsuSM, Wavelenth : 1310/1550 um ±25 nm, Display MU250000A
61Performance AnalyzerOmniBER OTN J7231B Agilent004/ 106/ 108/ 112/ 609
62PhotoDiode AmplifierPDA200ThorLab100nA to 10mA (in Decade Steps), 10 pA resolution
63Precision Reflectometer8504A AgilentReturn loss measurement range beyond 75dB, 25um two-event resolution(in air, 16um in glass), 1300 and 1550 nm wavelength, opt 012
64Precision Reflectometer/ InterferometerAQ7410BAndoAQ7413(LED) Return loss measuring mode (1310, 1550 nm), High Resolution Reflectometer (Interferometer), Measuring span 0 to 2000 mm (air) [ 0 to 1330 mm (glass) ]
65Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator81150AAgilentopt 001(single output), 1µ-120MHz pulse generation with variable rise/fall time
66Pulse Pattern Generator81133AAgilent15MHz~3.35GHz
67Pulse Pattern Generator81134AAgilentdual CH, 3.35GHz
68Pulse Pattern GeneratorMP1761BAnritsu12.5GB/s, opt 01 (Sync Out)
69Pulse Pattern GeneratorMP1761CAnritsu12.5GB/s, opt 01 (Sync Out)
70TDR Cable TesterTS-100TTekTDR
71Wavelength MeterTQ8325AdvantestWavelength : 600nm to 1600nm, Input Level: -15 dBm to 3 dBm (1.4umm to 1.6um)/ -20 dBm to 3 dBm (1.0um to 1.4um)/ -23 dBm to 3 dBm (0.6um to 1.0um)

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