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Optic/ Wireline Communication

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Error DetectorMP1762AAnritsu
2Error DetectorMP1762CAnritsu
3Integrating Sphere ???Sphere for T5/T8 LED tubeSensingluminous flux and spectral distribution measurement special of T5/T8 LED tube, 2000Ø
4Integrating Sphere ???EverfineSpecktron Coating Intergrating Sphere, 1000Ø
6Lamp Measurement SystemLMS-120J&Cwith Source Meter 2400/ Integrating Sphere
7Laser Diode Control Current SourceLDX-3412ILX0 - 200 mA output range
8Laser Diode ControllerLDC500ThorLab0 ~+-500mA
9Laser Power MeterFieldmaster GSCoherentFM-GS LASER POWER/ENERGY ANALYZER
10Laser Source05-LHR-321Melles Griotwith power unit (05LPL911-065)
11Laser Source Tunable8168AAgilent
12Laser Source Tunable8168FAgilent
13Laser Source Tunable8168F opt 003Agilentopt003(Variable Attenuator)
14Light SourceASE-FL7003ThorLabTotal Output Power>+15dBm (30mW), Spectral Power Density (typical) > -18dBm/nm@1530nm
15Light Source MG9511Anritsu
16Lightwave Switch86060C Agilent001/ 012/ 051/ 109/ 208
18Optical Attenuator8156AAgilentopt 101
19Optical AttenuatorMN924A AndoSM(10/125um), max 65dB
20Optical AttenuatorMN9605CAnritsu
21Optical AttenuatorOLA-55MJDSU
22Optical Attenuator ProgrammableHA9-Z012JDSU100 dB range(0.01 dB reso), Accuracy of ± 0.1 dB, 1200-1700 nm Wavelength Range, GPIB and RS232 Remote Control
23Optical Component Analyzer8702DAgilent8753D with optical unit
24Optical Component Analyzer8703AAgilent8720C with optical unit, opt 012/ 100(external Lightwave source input)/ 220(1300 laser source)/ 300("extra” receiver)
25Optical Connector InspectorNM-10 (Type : 073-S0008-0D00)NEC
26Optical Connector InspectorNM-2500NEC
27Optical Fiber AmplifierErFA1215-L-F9807FitelSignal Wavelength 1550nm to 1560nm, 15dBm max
28Optical Fiber AmplifierErFA2113DP-F9809(FTM4821NBH)FitelSignal Wavelength 1550nm, min input -15dBm, Output 13dBm
29Optical Fiber Scope OFS300Noyes20X
30Optical Light SourceMG9001AAnritsuMG0938C4
31Optical Multi Test SystemAQ2202YokogawaFrame Controller
32Optical Multi Test System ModuleAQ2200-215YokogawaSensor Module
33Optical Multi Test System ModuleAQ2200-311YokogawaSensor Module
34Optical Multi Test System ModuleAQ2200-641YokogawaXFP Interface Module
35Optical Multimeter8153AAgilentmainframe only
36Optical Multimeter8153AAgilent81536A
37Optical Multimeter8153AAgilentwith 81512SM(Laser Source 1310nm)/ 81534A(Return Loss Module)
38Optical Multimeter81632B AgilentPOWER SENSOR , InGaAs ,dBm / -80 dBm
39Optical Multimeter81633AAgilent800 to 1700 nm InGaAs Optical Power Sensor Modul
40Optical Multimeter81635A AgilentDual Optical Power Sensor
41Optical Multimeter81651A AgilentLaser Source 1550 nnm
42Optical Multimeter81654AAgilentDual Fabry-Perot Laser Source Module, 1310nm & 1550nm
43Optical Multimeter81689A AgilentTUNEABLE LASER SOURCE Module 1550nm
44Optical MultimeterAQ2150AndoSensor Unit(AQ2753)
45Optical Network AnalyzerQ7750AdvantestOptical Network Analyzer
46Optical Polarization ScramblerQ8163Advantest
47Optical Power MeterADCE8250AADCE
48Optical Power MeterAQ-1135E Ando
49Optical Power MeterNOVA II DisplayOphirNOVA II DISPLAY/ 1Z01550
50Optical SourceTQ81310AdvantestTQ81312 (-51.5dBm at 1291nm) / TQ81311 (-40.4dBm at 850nm)
51Optical Spectrum Analyzer 86140BAgilent600nm~1700nm
52Optical Spectrum AnalyzerAQ6315AAndo350 to 1750 nm
53Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6317BAndoWavelength 600 to 1750 nm
54Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6317CAndoWavelength 600 to 1750 nm, Fiber SM (10/125 μm), GI (50/125 μm), Accuracy ±0.02 nm
55Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6331AndoPortable OSA, 55dB dynamic range, 1200 to 1700nm wavelength range, +-0.02nm accuracy(1520 to 1580nm)
56Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9710CAnritsu600 to 1750 nm
57Optical Spectrum AnalyzerQ8344AAdvantestWavelength range 350 to 1750 nm
58Optical Spectrum AnalyzerQ8384Advantest600 to 1700nm, opt 25 (Light Source for wavelength calibration with EE-LED and acetylene cell output: Output level*1; ≥-45 dBm/nm (1550 nm))
59Optical Wavelength MeterAQ6141Ando900 to 1680nm/+-0.2 ppm, SM
60OTDRMW9060A AnritsuAnritsu MW9060A OTDR mainframe with MW0944B 1310/1550nm single-mode OTDR modul
61OTDRMW9076BAnritsuSM, Wavelenth : 1310/1550 um ±25 nm, Display MU250000A
62PCI AnalyzerU4301AKeysightKeysight label, 2.5GT/s (Gen1), 5.0GT/s (Gen2) and 8.0GT/s (Gen3) speeds, opt 004/ A16 (Link width x16)/ AN3 (Software license for PCIe Gen3, 8 Gbps)
63PhotoDiode AmplifierPDA200ThorLab100nA to 10mA (in Decade Steps), 10 pA resolution
64Precision Reflectometer8504A AgilentReturn loss measurement range beyond 75dB, 25um two-event resolution(in air, 16um in glass), 1300 and 1550 nm wavelength, opt 012
65Precision Reflectometer/ InterferometerAQ7410BAndoAQ7413(LED) Return loss measuring mode (1310, 1550 nm), High Resolution Reflectometer (Interferometer), Measuring span 0 to 2000 mm (air) [ 0 to 1330 mm (glass) ]
66Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator81150AAgilentopt 001(single output), 1µ-120MHz pulse generation with variable rise/fall time
67Pulse Generator81130AAgilent81132A 2 units, 1KHz to 660MHz, 100mV to 2.5V
68Pulse Pattern Generator81133AAgilent15MHz~3.35GHz
69Pulse Pattern Generator81134AAgilentdual CH, 3.35GHz
70Pulse Pattern GeneratorMP1761BAnritsu12.5GB/s, opt 01 (Sync Out)
71Pulse Pattern GeneratorMP1761CAnritsu12.5GB/s, opt 01 (Sync Out)
72TDR Cable TesterTS-100TTekTDR
73Temperature ControllerLDT-5948ILXPrecision Temperature Controller
74Wavelength MeterTQ8325AdvantestWavelength : 600nm to 1600nm, Input Level: -15 dBm to 3 dBm (1.4umm to 1.6um)/ -20 dBm to 3 dBm (1.0um to 1.4um)/ -23 dBm to 3 dBm (0.6um to 1.0um)

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