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IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Audio AnalyzerAM50BShibasokuTwo ch Audio Analyzer, 10Hz to 109.9KHz with max 0.1Hz Resolution
2Audio AnalyzerPortable OneAudio Precision Portable One Dual Domain
3Audio AnalyzerSystem OneAudio Precision
4Audio AnalyzerUPLR&SOPT B4/ B10/ B6/ B8
5Audio AnalyzerVP-7722ANational
6Audio AnalyzerVP-7723BNational
7Broadcast Test SystemSFUR&SB1(code extension 1)/ B4(Memory Extension 2)/ B6(Additional Hard Disk)
8DAB EncoderDAB-3831Kenwood
9HDMI Protocol Analyzer and Generator N5998AAgilentHMDI 1.3a Compliance test
10MPEG SystemMTS300TekMPEG System
11MPEG Test and Monitoring GeneratorMTG100 Tek
12Multimedia PlayerMSMP-2210plusMaster
13Pattern Generator (LCD용)MSPG-3240L Master
14Picture Quality AnalyzerPQA300Tek
15Spectro Photo MeterCM-503C MinoltaSpectro Photo Meter, 45(Illumination)/0(Viewing), 400 to 700 nm wavelength range, Photometric Range : 0~175 % refLeCroytance
16Spectro Photo MeterCS-1000AMinolta
18SpectroRadioMeterSL-300SensingMeet the requirements of CIE, IEC&GB/T
20SpectroRadioMeterSR-UL1R TopconSpectroRadioMeter, Ultra low luminance measurement 0.001~3.000cd/m2, High accuracy +-2%(0.01~3.000cd/m2
21Thermo GraphicTH6200NEC/ AVIO/ SANEINEC Science Thermo Tracer
22Time Interval AnalyzerTA720 Yokogawa
23TV Modulator121BEiden
24TV Test Receiver EFA (2067.3004K43)R&SB3(RF Selection 000 003 020)/ B4(MPEG Decoder 001 001 030)/ B10(DVB-T Demodulator 003 001 210)
25TV Test TransmitterSFL-T (2084.4005K20) R&S
26TV Test TransmitterSFL-V (2084.4005.30)R&SATSC-8VSB
27TV Test TransmitterSFQ R&SB5/ B6/ B11/ B11(/ B12/ B14
28Video AnalyzerVM700TTek01/ 1S/ 30/ 48
29Video Analyzer HDHDVA292Synthesis Researchhigh-definition serial digital video signals (SMPTE 292M)
30Video GeneratorLG3802Leader
31Video GeneratorLG3803Leader
32Video Generator DigitalVG-848Astro
33Video Generator DigitalVG-849A Astro
34Video Generator DigitalVG-849CAstro
35Video Generator DigitalVG-870BAstro
36Video Generator ISDB3511C-001 or 101Eiden
37Video Generator ISDB-TRTX100BTek
38Video Generator MPEGDVG R&SMPEG2 Measurement Generator DVG
39Video Generator QAM/VSBRTX130ATek
40Video MeasurementVM5000 Tek3M/ VM(Video Measurement Accessory Kit Sync Pick-off Accessory 012-1680-xx)/ SD(Test signal files on DVD (020-2610-00); Sync pick-off accessory (012-1680-01); Option key enabling SD format support),Eye Diagram
41Video Signal Generator RT83B ShibasokuVHF,UHF,CATV,BS/CS signal generator
42Video Test Instrument882CAQuantum DataHDMI Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) Development & Compliance Test Suite
43Video Test Signal GeneratorSPF R&S
44VSB ModulatorVT-100Stratek
45Waveform Monitor (Handheld)WFM90TekHandheld type waveform monitor for NTSC
46Waveform Monitor for HDIWFM700TekMonitors SD and HD Digital Component Video-Single Product for Both Standards
47Waveform Monitor for HDIWFM8300Tek3G/ 2SDI/ SIM/ AD/ AVD/ DAT/ 3D/ LOUD
48Waveform/Vector MonitorWFM1125TekWaveform/Vector Monitor for DTV Baseband Video, Two SMPTE 292M

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