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חברת רדט ציוד ומערכות שמחה להודיע על נציגות חדשה Optilia האלטרנטיבה החדשה למיקרוסקופ חברת רדט ציוד ומערכות בשיתוף חברת FLUKE שמחה להזמינך לכנס בנושא:אחזקה מונעת יום שלישי | 17.7.18
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General Meters/ Misc.

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Calibrator Loop707Fluke
2Calibrator Pressure717(5000G)Fluke
3Calibrator Pressure718(3000G)Fluke
4Clamp Meter335Fluke600A, 600V for AC/DC, 6000ohm
5Clamp Meter AC/DCI30Fluke
6Data Acquisition System/ DMM3706Keithley3723(1X30 Reed Relay Multiplxer) 4 units
7Data Acquisition System/ DMM2750Keithley7700(20ch) 4ea
8DMM1281Wavetek8 1/2 digits
9DMM2000Keithley6 1'2 digits
10DMM2000 with 2000scanKeithley6 1'2 digits
11DMM2002Keithley6 1/2 digits
12DMM2015THD Keithley6 1/2 digits
13DMM34401A Agilent6 1/2 digits, Agilent label
14DMM34401A Agilent6 1/2 digits, Agilent label, New Frame
15DMM34405A Agilent5 1/2 digits, USB
16DMM3458AAgilentHP label, opt 002
17DMMU3401AAgilent4 1/2 digits, Dual Display, Agilent label
18DMM Handheld179Fluke
20Flow Meter DigitalDF-2420ONO Sokki
21Frequency Standards GPS Controlled910FlukeGPS-OCXO controlled frequency standards
22MicroscopeIX71OlympusInverted Fluorescence Phase Contrast Microscope
23Microscope DigitalVH-6300KeyenceVH-Z35 Camera
24pAmmeter6485Keithley5-1/2 digit resolution, <200μV burden voltage
25PXI Slot ChassisKPXI-SYS-14-500NI/Keithley(KPXI-CON-PM-1.8G+/2ea), (KPXI-DIO-O-64/5ea)
26PXI Slot ChassisPXI-1000BNIPXI-8155B/ 6711/ 4060/ 5102/ 6040E
27PXI Slot ChassisPXI-1042NI
28Rework StationFR-801Hakko
29Standard Capacitor04064-61001/2/3Agilent10pF/100pF/1000pF
30Standard Capacitor1403-AGENRAD1000pF +-0.1%
31Standard Capacitor1403-DGENRAD100pF +-0.1%
32Standard Capacitor1403-GGENRAD10pF +-0.1%
33Standard Capacitor1404-AGENRAD1000pF, <+-6 ppm
34Standard Capacitor1404-BGENRAD100pF, <+-6 ppm
35Standard Capacitor1404-CGENRAD10pF, <+-6 ppm
36Standard Capacitor1409-FGENRAD1nF +-0.02%/1KHz
37Standard Capacitor1409-LGENRAD10nF +-0.02%/1KHz
38Standard Capacitor1409-TGENRAD100nF +-0.02%/1KHz
39Standard Capacitor1409-YGENRAD1uF +-0.02%/1KHz
40Standard Capacitor16380AAgilent16381A+16382A+16383A+16384A+original case)
41Standard InductorRS-106Ando10mH +-0.1%
42Standard Inductor Decade1491-GGENRAD1H step ~ 100uH step
43Standard Resistance Programmable2724AValhallafully-adjustable resistance ranges from 0 ohms to 11 Gigahoms
44Standard Voltage Current AC2558YokogawaAC Voltage Current Standard
45Standard Voltage Current AC2558-01YokogawaAC Voltage Current Standard, with GPIB
46Standard Voltage Current DC2558AYokogawa-D(UL/CSA standard, PSE)/ C1(GP-IB interface)
47Standard Voltage Current DC2553YokogawaDC Voltage Current Standard, GPIB
48Switch MicrowaveS46Keithley
49Switch/control system3499BAgilent44476A (Microwave Switch), Switch Mainframe. 2-slot, half-rack-width
50Switch/control system7001Keithley7012-S 4X10 Matrix
51Thermo Meter IR62 MAX+Fluke
52Torque MeterH-100Hios
53Video Flatness TesterFT-3BNIDEKFTA-46 (Vacuum Chuck)
54방진/광학 테이블 Vibration TableDVID-H-1009DAEILDVID-H-1009-100M(750H) table, 1M * 1M

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