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Chamber/ Safety

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Chamber HAST System Pressure-Temperature and Humidity 항온항습압력TPC-412MESPEC (Highly Accelerated Stress Test ) Chamber Pressure-Temperature and Humidity 항온항습압력, Balance Press-Temp. and Humid control, Temperature +105~+162.2°C, Humid 75~100% RH, Pressure 4.0Kg/cm²G, Heater 0.5KW/ Humid Heaer 1.5KW, inside Ø29.5 X30cm(L), 127Kg
2Chamber Solar/ Environmental/ WeatheringAL SolarAlistadimension 380cm(W)X330(D)X240(H), work dimmension inside 180(W)X150(D)X180(H), Solar Simulation
3Chamber Temperature and Humidity 항온항습AL ECAlistadimension 175cm(W)X250(D)X180(H), work dimmension 110(W)X120(D)X130(H) weight 1500Kg, input 440V/69A/3PH/50~60Hz, Refrigerant R-404a 10Kg, Short Circuit Rating 25KA, Manufactured 2010 OCT.
4Chamber Temperature and Humidity 항온항습AL UVAlistadimension 175cm(W)X270(D)X240(H), work dimmension inside 125(W)X135(D)X180(H) weight 2000Kg, input 440V/57A/3PH/50~60Hz, Refrigerant R-404a 8Kg, Short Circuit Rating 25KA, Manufactured 2010 OCT.
5Chamber Temperature and Humidity 항온항습OS-THB04-C12OSUNG-40 to +100°C, 30 to 95%,, dimmension inside W160cmXD230XH154/ outside W305XH330XD240, input 208V/3PH/60Hz/ max 200KW
6Chamber Temperature and Humidity 항온항습YESTYEST100cmX100cmX100cm
7Chamber Temperature ShockDaewooDaewoo60cmX60cmX60cm
8Electrtostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-6008NoisekenElectrtostatic Discharge Simulator for Semiconductor, mainbody only
9ESD Test SystemESA-1KeytekDN-10/ CIA-V/ PSC-1
10Fast Transient/Burst GeneratorNSG2025-4SchaffnerMax Burst Amplitude 4.4KV, Max Burst Freq. 1MHz, Coupling Phase 3 phase, Network Current 30A
11Grounding Tester AC3157HiokiAC3. 0 A~31.0 A(0.1 A분해가능), 0.1Ω저항 부하, 130 VA(출력 단자에서)
12Impulse Noise Simulator1.2X50-8PVCompliance WestMEGAPULSE IMPULSE TESTER
13Impulse Noise SimulatorFNS105AX NoisekenOutput Voltage 200V to 4600V
14Impulse Noise SimulatorINS-4001NoisekenINS-RL2K(2KV Relay Unit)
15Impulse Noise SimulatorINS-400LNoisekenPulse Voltage : 0.2Kv~4Kv, Pulse Width : 50ns,100ns,250ns,400ns and any combination thereof.masinum width 1us
16Impulse Noise Simulator 3 phase UnitIJ-4050Noisekenimpulse 3 phase unit
17Impulse Noise Simulator AttenuatorAT-810NoisekenAttenuator for checking waveform, 40dB at DC~500MHz(Tolerance 40dB~44dB), max 4000V pulse peak
18Insulation Tester1507Fluke
19Ligntning Surge Simulator 낙뢰시험기EMCProKeytek
20Ligntning Surge Simulator 낙뢰시험기EMCPro PlusKeytek
21Ligntning Surge Simulator 낙뢰시험기LSS-15AX-A1NoiseKenAC Input : 90-120V 200-240V 50/60Hz 450VA
22Ligntning Surge Simulator 낙뢰시험기LSS-15AX-A1ANoiseKenAC Input : 90-120V 200-240V 50/60Hz 450VA
23Oscillatory Wave Simulator SWCS900-1MNoisekenSlow Damped Oscillatory Wave Simulator (Damped Oscillatory Wave Immunity Test)
24Withstand Voltage Insulation Tester AC/DCTOS9201 KikusuiAC/DC, 0.05kV to 5.00kV AC/0.05kV to 6.00 kV DC Maximum rated current. 100mA
25Withstanding/ Insulation Tester ACTOS5050Kikusui0 to 2.5kV/5kV, AC test only
26Withstanding/ Insulation Tester ACGPT-705AGW Inst다
27Withstanding/ Insulation Tester ACTOS8850AKikusui내압/절연 시험기 내압AC:0~5KV/출력 500VA
28Withstanding/ Insulation Tester ACTOS8870AKikusuiWithstanding Voltage Tester (AC only): Maximum Output AC5kV/100mA and Output Capacity 500VA
29Withstanding/ Insulation Tester AC/DCTOS5051KikusuiAC/DC Withstanding Voltage Tester

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