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RF/ Wireless Communication

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Accessory Set for RF54121-68701Agilent8493C (71681,71676,71678,71706,71682)
2Antenna Active DirectionalHE300R & S 9KHz to 7.5GHz Portable directional antenna for locating transmitters and interference sources
3Antenna Active LoopHFH2-Z2R & S9KHz to 30MHz, with stand, Broadband active loop antenna for measuring the magnetic field-strength components
4Antenna Biconical3124ETS-Lindgren30MHz~300MHz
5Antenna DipoleMA5612B4Anritsu2.25GHz~2.6GHz
6Antenna DipoleUHA9105Schwarzbeck30~1000MHz, 10W
7Antenna DipoleUHA9125DSchwarzbeckλ/2 Dipole, 1.5~3(4)GHz
8Antenna DipoleVHAP+UHAPSchwarzbeckUHAP 30MHz to 300MH/ VHAP 300MHz to 1GHz
9Antenna Horn3115Ets-LindgrenDouble Ridged Guided Horn Antenna 750MHz to 18GHz, opt tripod
10Antenna Horn3160-03EMCOstandard gain horn antenna 1.7~2.6GHz
11Antenna Horn3160-04EMCO2.60 – 3.95 GHz
12Antenna Horn3160-05EMCO3.95 – 5.85 G
13Antenna Horn3160-09EMCO18.0 - 26.5 GHz
14Antenna HornAH118Compower3Double Ridged Guided Horn Antenna, 700MHz to 18GHz, 300W continuous
15Antenna HornBBHA9120BSchwarzbeck1GHz to 10.5GHz, 300W
16Antenna Log BilogCBL6111CSchaffner30MHz to 1GHz
17Antenna Log BilogCBL6111DSchaffner30MHz to 1GHz
18Antenna Log BilogCBL6141ASchaffner30MHz to 2GHz
19Antenna Log Periodic3160-03EMCO1.70 – 2.60 GHz
20Antenna Log PeriodicESLP9145SchwarzbeckNominal Frequency range 1~18GHz/ Useable Frequency range 0.7~20GHz, max input 20W
21Antenna Log PeriodicLPD-118/AARA1~18GHz, Gain 7.0dBi nominal, Polarization Linear Horizontal or Vertical
22Antenna Log PeriodicUHALP9108ASchwarzbeck250MHz to 2.4GHz, 1KW
23Antenna LoopALA1530Wellbrook30KHz to 30MHz
24Antenna Positionermodel 2090ETS-LindgrenMuti Device Positioning Controller for Antenna, LISN, etc
25Antenna SwitchBAS0120-250BONNAntenna Switch
26Antenna TrilogVULB9160SchwarzbeckBroadband 25MHz~2GHz, 10W
27Attenuator Programable 33320G+33322GAgilentDC to 4GHz, 33320G 11dB/1dB step, 33322G 110dB/10dB step
28Connectivity TesterN4010AAgilentopt 103(2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WLAN Tx and Rx Analysis)/ 110(I/O Connectivity)/ 1A7
29Connectivity TesterN4010AAgilentopt 101(Bluetooth)/ 111(Bluetooth Audio)
30Divider11636BAgilentDC to 26.5GHz, 3.5mm connector
31EMI AnalyzerEA-2100EMCISEMI Analyzer 9kHz~300MHz/ Analysis Mode L1, L2, CM, DM
32EMI Receiver8542EAgilentEMI test receiver makes CISPR-based EMI measurements
33Filter ProgrammableSR650SRSHigh and low pass elliptical filters (2-channel), 115 dB/octave rolloff, 1 Hz to 100 kHz
34Filter Programmable3628NFDual CH Programmable Filter, LP-MF/ LP-PL/ HPF/ BPF/ THRU (MF:Maximum Flat, PL:Phase Linear), DC to 2MHz (+5dB, -3dB) typ
35High Power AMP for AC/DCHVA4321NFAC/DC Amplifier, Constant Voltag/Current +-10KV , +- 10mA, 10KV at 7KHz @ CV mode/ 10KV at 4KHz @ CC mode
36Measuring ReceiverE7402AAgilent30Hz to 3GHz
37Measuring ReceiverE7405AAgilent1DR(Narrow Resolution Bandwidth)/ BAB(APC 3.5mm input connector)/ 1DS(RF Preamp)/ B72(Expansion Memory)/ 1DN(3.0GHz TG, 50 ohm)/ 1D5(Hi Stability Freq Ref)/ A4H(GPIB & Parallel)/ AYQ(Detectors & FM Demd)/ AYX(Fast Sweep & Ports)
38Measuring ReceiverESH3R & S9KHz to 30MHz
39Measuring ReceiverESVS10R & S20MHz~1000MHz Test Receiver
40Measuring Receiver Sensor11722AAgilentRF Power Sensor for 8902A
41Measuring Receiver Sensor11792AAgilentopt 001(18GHz)
42Microwave Counter53131AAgilentFrequency Range A/B .1 Hz - 225 MHz
43Microwave Counter53132AAgilent225MHz
44Microwave Counter53132AAgilent3GHz, opt 030
45Microwave Counter5350BAgilent2 ch, Frequency Range(Ch1):500MHz~20GHz, (Ch2):10Hz~525MHz
46Microwave Counter5352BAgilent10MHz to 40GHz
47Microwave Counter5361BAgilent26.5GHz Frequency Counter, opt 026
48Microwave CounterSR620SRSUniversal Time Interval Counter
49Minimum Loss Pad11852BAgilentMinimum Loss Pad, 5.7 dB, DC-3 GHz, 50 Ohm N(f) x 75 Ohm N(m)
50Mixer for Harmonic11970AAgilent26.5GHz to 40GHz
51Mixer for Harmonic11970KAgilent18GHz to 26.5GHz
52Mixer for Harmonic11970QAgilent33GHz to 50GHz
53Modulation Analyzer 8901BAgilent150 kHz - 1.3 GHz, 50 ohm input, Integral Signal Source "FM,Phase,A"
54Noise GeneratorNC6110BoontonWhite Gaussian Noise Generator, 100Hz to 1.5GHz, +10dBm
55Noise Source346BAgilent10MHz to 18GHz
56Noise Source346CAgilent10MHz to 26.5GHz
57Piezo AMPE-501.00 PICH1 : Ampl. Range -20~+120V/ CH2 : Ampl. Range -20~+120V/ CH3 : Ampl. Range 0~+020V Calibrated PZT
58Piezo AMPE-662PILVPZT Piezo Amplifier & Position Servo-Controller
59Radio Communication Analyzer7100Aeroflex1(2xCell)/ 101(Fading and AWGN)/ 102(2x2 MIMO)/ 104(CDMA2000(eHRPD,1xRTT) Handover)/ 105(HSPA)/ 150(LTE FDD UL Analysis/Generation)/ 151(LTE FDD DL Analysis/Generation)/ 153(UMTS/HSUPA/HSPA UL Analysis/Generation)/ 154(cdma2000/ 1xEV-DO rev A&B UL Analysis/Generation)/ 500(Development Mode)/ 501(Callbox Mode)
60Radio Communication AnalyzerCMD55 R & Sotp B1/ B3/ B4/ B41/ B42/ B43/ B5/ B6/ B61/ B62/ B17/ U5/ B9/ U20
61Radio Communication AnalyzerR2670MotorolaFMDA Digital Communications System Analyzer
62Reference Radiation Source and AntennaVSQ1000Schaffner30MHz to 1GHz, It consists of a battery operated comb generator RSG 1000 and biconical broadband antennas DPA 4000A
63RF AdapterN5520CKeysightAdapter, 1.85 mm (m) to 1.85 mm (f), DC to 67 GHz, Keysight new box
64RF AMP11975AAgilent2 to 8 GHz and adjustable output of +6 to +16dBm
65RF AMP1U101035UHF10~1000MHz/ 3W
66RF AMP High Speed4005NFHigh Speed Power AMP
67RF AMP High Speed4502NFHigh Speed Power AMP
68RF AMP High Speed4505NFHigh Speed Power AMP
69RF AMP High SpeedHSA4011NFAC Bipolar Amplifier, 150Vp-p +-75V)/ 1A rms
70RF AMP High SpeedHSA4012NFDC to 1MHz AC Bipolar Amplifier, 150Vp-p (+-75V)/ 2A rms
71RF AMP High SpeedHSA4052NFDC to 500KHz AC Bipolar Amplifier, 300Vpp(+-150V)/ 2Arms
72RF AMP High SpeedHSA4101NFDC to 10MHz AC Bipolar Amplifier, 142Vp-p +-71V)/ ±1.4A
73RF AMP High Speed BipolarBA4850NFDC to 50MHz, output +-20V/+-1A, INPUT +-10V MAX, GAIN X1,X2,X5,X10,
74RF AMP Lock-In5610B NFTwo phase Lock-In Amplifier, 0.5Hz to 200KHz
75RF AMP Lock-In7265Signal RecoveryDSP Lock-in Amplifier, 0.001 Hz to 250 kHz
76RF AMP Lock-InSR530SRS
77RF AMP Lock-InSR830SRS
78RF AMP Microwave83020A with 87422AAgilentMicrowave System Amplifier, 2 to 26.5GHz, 30 dB typ 1-2GHz/ 30 dB min 2-20GHz/ 27 dB min 20-26.5GHz, 87422A(90W, +-15V for 83020A & +-12V for 83017A)
79RF Attenuator8490DKeysightCoaxial fixed attenuator dc-50 GHz 2.4mm male/female, Keysight new box
80RF AttenuatorSMA-50-2-108/133_NEHuber Suhner25W
81RF LoadDA-371/U SIERRA100W max
82RF Power AMP100W1000M1AR80MHz~1000MHz, 100W
83RF Power AMP250LAR10KHz~220MHz, 250W
84RF Power AMP25S1G4AAR0.8~4.2GHz, 25W nominal output (3dB comp.), 38dB gain, solid state, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband amplifier
85RF Power AMP5022Ophir1.0 - 2.0 GHz, 50 Watts, Linear Power RF Amplifier, Gain 47dB, Gain Flatness ±1.5dB max
86RF Power AMP5S1G4AR0.8~4.2GHz, 8W nominal output (3dB comp.), 37dB gain, solid state, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband amplifier
87RF Power AMP712FC-CEKalmus200MHz-1GHz , 25 Watts
88RF Power AMPA0820-4343-RR&K800MHz to 2000MHz, 43dBm, 20W
89RF Power AMPA1000-100S-RR&KRF Power AMP, 200MHz to 1GHz, 50dBm/100W
90RF Power AMPA1000-1060-RR & K500MHz to 1000MHz, 48dB gain, 60W
91RF Power AMPA10K01-6060-RR & K10KHz to 100MHz, 1000W(min)/@CW (P1dB) , +60.0dB(min)
92RF Power AMPA2000-20-RR&K1GHz to 2Ghz, Gain 43dB, 20W
93RF Power AMPA2300-3-R R&KRF Power Amplifier, 300MHz to 2.3GHz, 30dB, 3W, 110V input
94RF Power AMPA400-250L-RR&K100MHz~400MHz, 54dB, 250W
95RF Power AMPA4H1001Anritsu10MHz to 10GHz
96RF Power AMPBLMA012025BONN100MHz~2GHz, 25W
97RF Power AMPBLWA0810-250/200BONN80HMz to 1000MHz, Output 250Wmin/300Wtyp, Gain 54min/56±2typ dBm,
98RF Power AMPBLWA2010-50BONN200MHz-1GHz, 50W
99RF Power AMPGRF5016Ophir800MHz~2000MHz, max output 25W(44dBm), max input 10dBm
100RF Power AMPLAB 1-1020-10MPDSolid State Amplifier, 1GHz to 2GHz, output 10W
101RF Power AMP/ Piezo Driver/AmplifierPZD700ATrekHigh-Voltage Power Amplifier / Piezo Driver, Bipolar 0 to ±700 V DC or peak AC , Unipolar 0 to +1400 V or peak AC
102RF Power Meter5000-EX BirdTRUE AVERAGE POWER, for measurement of conventional or digitally-modulated RF, 5010 sensor
103RF Power MeterBird 43BirdMainbody only
104RF Power MeterE4417AAgilentdual channel EPM-P series power meter, is designed for peak, average, peak-to-average ratio and time-gated measurements
105RF Power MeterE4418B Agilent1ch, 100 kHz - 110 GHz, Min/Max Power 0.0001 uW - 25.119 W
106RF Power MeterE4419BAgilentDual channel power meter
107RF Power MeterMA24106AAnritsuUSB RF Power Sensor 50MHz~6GHz
108RF Power MeterML2437A AnritsuCW Power Meter, Single Input
109RF Power MeterML2438AAnritsuCW Power Meter, Dual Input
110RF Power MeterML2487AAnritsuWideband Peak Power Meter
111RF Power MeterML2488BAnritsuWideband Peak Power Meter, Dual Input, 100KHz to 65GHz/ -70 to +20 dBm
112RF Power MeterN1914AKeysightEPM series dual CH, with original Keysight packing & warranty until Nov 16, 2018, opt 201/ B01/ C01
113RF Power MeterNRVDR & Sdual ch RF Power Meter without sensor
114RF Power MeterNRVSR & Ssingle ch RF Power Meter without sensor
115RF Power MeterPM2002AR10kHz-40GHz, Power Meter, Mainbody only
116RF Power Meter Sensor84812AAgilentPeak Power Sensor 500MHz-18GHz -32dBm to +20dBm
117RF Power Meter Sensor8481DKeysight10MHz to 18GHz Diode Power Sensor with 11708A(30dB atten), -70dBm to -20dBm, with original Keysight packing & warranty until Nov 16, 2018
118RF Power Meter Sensor8481HKeysight10MHz to 18GHz Thermocouple Power Sensor, -10dBm to +35dBm
119RF Power Meter Sensor8482HKeysight100KHz to 4.2GHz, -10dBm to +35dBm
120RF Power Meter SensorE9300BKeysight10MHz to 18GHz E series average Power Sensor, -30 dBm to +44 dBm, with original Keysight packing & warranty until Nov 16, 2018
121RF Power Meter SensorNRP-Z11R & S10MHz to 8GHz, 200pW to 200mW
122RF Power Meter SensorU8485AKeysightDC/10MHz to 33GHz USB Thermocouple Power Sensor, -35 dBm to +20 dBm, with original Keysight packing & warranty until Nov 16, 2018
123RF Power Meter Sensor for NRVNRV Z-1R & SRF Power Meter Sensor for NRVD/NRVS
125RF Power SplitterV241CAnritsu65GHz Splitter, 50 ohm, input V(m)/ output V(f)
125RF Power/ Reflection MeterNAP with Z6R & SNAP-Z4 (25MHz~1GHz 1100W)
126RF Pre AMP8349BAgilentContinuous 2 to 20GHz coverage
127RF Pre AMP8447FAgilent9KHz to 1300MHz, opt H64
128RF Pre AMPSIM900+SIM911SRSSIM900(mainframe) + SIM911(BJT PreAMP) 1 unit, 1.8 nV/√Hz input noise (SIM911)
129RF Pre AMP with Closed Field Probe8447F+11940A+11941AAgilentClosed Field Probing Set 11940A(30MHz to 1GHz)/ 11941A(9KHz to 30MHz)
130RF Pre/Power AMP11909A/ 310SonomaRF PreAMP 9kHz~1GHz
131RF Pre/Power AMP315Sonoma10kHz~1GHz, scratch on front panel & input/output port
132RF Step Attenuator8494A+8495AAgilentwith connection assembly
133RF Step Attenuator8494A+8496AAgilentwith connection assembly
134RF Step Attenuator8494B+8495BAgilentwith connection assembly
135RF Step Attenuator8494B+8496BAgilentwith connection assembly
136RF Step Attenuator8495G Agilent400MHz-3GHz
137RF Step Attenuator8495HKeysightProgrammable step attenuator DC to 18GHz, 0 to 70dB/ 10dB step, Keysight new box, opt 001/ 016
138RF Step AttenuatorJ7211BAgilentAttenuation Control Unit, DC to 18GHz, 0 to 121dB, 1dB step
139RF Step AttenuatorRSPR & SStep Attenuator, 0Hz to 2.7GHz, 0 to 139.9dB 0.1dB step
140RF Switch8768K Agilentopt 008(8-inch Ribbon Cable w/DIP Connector), 011(5Vdc Supply Voltage), DC to 26.5GHz
141RF Vector Voltmeter8508AAgilentVector Voltmeter, opt 85082A
142RF Volt Meter9200B Boonton200uV to 3V 8 ranges, 10Hz to 2.5GHz, opt 01B-11
144Splitter11667AAgilentDC-18GHz (N-female type), Max Input+27dBm
145Splitter11667BAgilentDC to 26.5GHz, 3.5mm connector
146TemcellTC-5061ATescomBetter than 60 dB, typically 80 dB, 400MHz to 3GHz
147VCO/PLL DownConverter43521AAgilentDown Converter

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