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Signal Generator

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1AWGAG4100Yokogawa1ch, Amplitude 5Vpp(no load) 50 ohm output, Max 400MHz clock 12bit resolution, 128K word
4AWGAWG5012Tek1.2GS/s, 2ch, 14bits
5AWGAWG610Tek2.6GS/s, 8MW record length, 8 bits vertical resolution
7AWGVB8000 (703150)YokogawaMax 64 Mpoints/ch, 4-channel, Frequency 300kHz to 300MHz, opt 644-M
8Clock SynthesizerCK1615NF1KHz to 500MHz, 1mHz (maximum 12 digits) resolution, -2.00V to +7.00V/open
9Data GeneratorDG2020ATek
10Data GeneratorDG2040Tek
11Function Generator33120AAgilent15MHz
12Function Generator33250AAgilent80MHz sine and square wave outputs
13Function Generator3325BAgilent
14Function GeneratorDS360SRSUltra Low Distortion Function Generator
15Function GeneratorSG-4511 Iwatsu1mHz to 50MHz
16Function Synthesizer8904AAgilentSine : DC ~ 600KHz , Square, Ramp, Triangle : DC ~ 50KHz, opt 001/ 002/ 003/ 006
17Precision C/N GeneratorUFX-BER 45Noise/Com5 to 90 MHz General Purpose, 75 ohm input
18Pulse Generator8114AAgilentAgilent label, with 001(Variable baseline +-25V)
19Pulse Generator8114AAgilentAgilent label
20Pulse Generator8116AAgilent1mHz to 50MHz, 32Vpp
21Pulse Generator8130AAgilentSingle ch, 300MHz
22Pulse Generator8131A Agilentopt 020, dual ch, 500MHz repetition rate
23Pulse Generator8133AAgilent33MHz to 3GHz/ 100KHz Resolution
24Pulse Generator8133AAgilentopt 002 (Pulse/Data Channel 2)
25Pulse Generator DelayDG535SRSFour independent delay channels, opt 01(GPIB)
26Signal Generator2910KeithleyContinuous frequency range of 400MHz~2.5GHz spans key mobile wireless frequency bands, 40MHz modulation bandwidth using internally generated modulation
27Signal Generator6062AFluke100KHz to 2.1GHz
28Signal Generator68167CAnritsu10MHz~40GHz , -20dB~+20dBm
29Signal Generator68187BWiltron65GHz
30Signal Generator69017BAnritsuSynthesized Sweep Signal Generator, 10MHz to 8.4GHz CW Generator, opt 2E(120dB electronic step attenuator 10dB step)/ 19(SCPI programmability)
31Signal Generator69047BAnritsuSynthesized Sweep Signal Generator, Ultra low phase noise, 0.1Hz to 20GHz 1KHz step, -100dBm to +17dBm, FM/AM/PM/ etc, opt 1(Rack Mounting)/ 2A(110 dB Step Attenuator)/ 19(SCPI Programmability)/ 22A(0.1Hz to 10MHz Audio Frequency)
32Signal Generator83712BAgilent10MHz to 20GHz, opt 1E1(110dB Output Step Attenuator)/ 1E5(High-Stability Time Base)/ 1E8(1Hz Frequency Resolution)
33Signal Generator8644BAgilent0.26 - 2060 MHz Signal Generator, opt 001/ 002
34Signal Generator8648CAgilentFrequency Range 9kHz - 3.2GHz
35Signal Generator8664AAgilent10MHz - 3000MHz, opt 001/ 004
36Signal Generator8665BAgilentopt 001 / 004
37Signal GeneratorE4438CAgilentOPT 002/ 1E5/ 401/ 402/ 403/ 404/ 407/ 503/ 602
38Signal GeneratorKSG4300Kikusui10KHz to 280MHz FM/AM Signal Generator
39Signal GeneratorMG3692BAnritsu0.1Hz to 20GHz, -110dBm to +17dBm High Output Power, FM/AM/PM/ etc, opt 1B(Rack Mount)/ 2A(mechanical step attenuator 110dB)/ 4(10MHz to 2.2GHz)/ 22(0.1Hz to 10MHz), calibration certificate issued by Anritsu Feb 2016
40Signal GeneratorMG3692BAnritsu10MHz to 20GHz, -110dBm to +21dBm High Output Power, opt 2A/ 5 (10MHz~2GHz)/ 15A (High Power Output, 19dBm for =<2GHz/ 21dBm for >2GHz)
41Signal GeneratorSMIQ03BR & S300KHz - 3.3GHz, 0.1Hz Resolution, opt B10/ B11
42Signal GeneratorSMJ100A R & SB11(Baseband Generator with ARB (16 Msample) and Digital Modulation)/ B13(Baseband Main Module)/ B103(100 kHz to 3 GHz)/ K12(Digital Standard CDMA2000)/ K17(Digital Standard 1xEV-DO)/ K20(Digital Standard 3GPP FDD incl. HSDPA)/ K61(Multicarrier CW Signal Generation)
43Signal GeneratorSMR20R & S1~20GHz, opt B1(OCXO Reference Oscillator)/ B15(RF Attenuator)
44Signal Generator (Sweeper)6742A-C0044 Wiltron18GHz to 40GHz Sweep Signal Generator, Pulse Modulation, GPIB, opt 001
45Signal Generator FM/AMVP-8122APANASONIC280MHz, FM/AM STEREO
46Signal Generator MXGN5181AAgilentopt 503/ UNT
47Signal Generator MXGN5182AAgilent1EQ(Low power (<-110 dBm))/ 403(Calibrated AWGN, Fixed Perpetual License)/ 506(250 kHz to 6 GHz )/ 651(Internal baseband generator (30 MSa/s, 8 MSa))/ UNT(AM, FM, phase modulation)/ UNV(Enhanced dynamic range)/ UNZ(Fast Switching)
48Signal Generator stereoSG-1501CredixFM Stereo/FM-AM Signal Generator
49Signal Generator Sweep83650LAgilentopt 001(Step Attenuator)/ 008(1Hz Frequency Resolution)
50Signal Generator Sweep83752AAgilent10MHz to 20GHz Synthesized Microwave Sweeper, opt 1E1(70dB step attenuator)/1E4(rear panel RF output)
51Signal Generator Sweep83752AAgilent10MHz to 20GHz Synthesized Microwave Sweeper, opt 1BN/ 1E1(70dB step attenuator)/1E4(rear panel RF output)
52Signal Generator Sweep83752BAgilent1E5(High Stability Timebase),1ED(N type connector)
53Signal Generator Vector8780A AgilentVector Signal Generator - 10 MHz to 3 GHz IF testing, opt 002
54Signal Generator VectorSMIQ03ER & SVector Signal Generator 0.3 GHz - 3.3 GHz

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