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Network Analyzer

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1Calibration Kit3652Anritsu40GHz K Connector Calibration Kit
2Calibration Kit85033DAgilent6GHz
3Calibration Kit85036BAgilentType N, 75 ohm, DC to 3GHz
4Calibration Kit85052BAgilent3.5mm Calibration Kit 26.5GHz
5Calibration Kit85056AAgilent2.4mm Calibration Kit 50GHz
6Calibration Kit85056DAgilent2.4mm Calibration Kit 50GHz
7Calibration KitZV-Z21R & SN type Cal Kit, 0Hz to 18GHz
8Network Analyzer37225CAnritsu40MHz to 13.5GHz
9Network Analyzer37397AAnritsu40MHz to 65GHz, opt 2A(High-speed time (distance) domain capability) / 10A / 99
10Network Analyzer8720AAgilent130MHz to 20GHz, 100KHz Resolutio
11Network Analyzer8722DAgilent40GHz
12Network Analyzer8722ESAgilentopt 085(high power up to +43dBm test capability)/ 1D5(High stability frequency reference)/ UK6, 50MHz to 40GHz
13Network Analyzer8751AAgilent
14Network Analyzer8753CAgilent300KHz - 3GHz, -5 dBm - +20 dBm
15Network Analyzer8753ESAgilent30KHz to 6GHz, opt 006, 3 ports
16Network AnalyzerA333Protek2 ports, 3GHz
17Network AnalyzerE5071C opt 480Agilent9KHz to 8.5GHz, 4 ports
18Network AnalyzerE5100BAgilent10kHz to 300MHz
19Network AnalyzerE8802AAgilentPNA, 300KHz to 6GHz
20Network AnalyzerMS3401BAnritsu10Hz~30MHz
21Network AnalyzerMS3606BAnritsuopt 01, 10KHz~1GHz
22Network AnalyzerZVR4R & S4GHz, N type, opt B21/ B23/ B24
23Network Analyzer Cable3671 V50-1 for 37397AAnritsuV type 1.85mm, 2 units set
24Network Analyzer Cable85133-60016/60017Agilent2.4mm Cable set for 50GHz
25Network Analyzer Cable85134-60003/ 60004Agilent85134-60003(2.4-3.5mm (m))/ 60004(2.4-3.5mm (f))
26Network Analyzer CableGVT4SO30073-002MegaPhase2.4mm Cable set for 40GHz
27Network Analyzer Multiport Test Set87050AAgilentopt H06, Solid-state or mechanical switching
28Network Analyzer Multiport Test Set87075CAgilent6ch Improve test throughput for multiport devices, Solid-state or mechanical switching
29Network Analyzer S Parameter87511AAgilent100KHz to 500MHz
30Network Analyzer S ParameterN4418AAgilentconnection with 8720ES opt H32
31Trasmission/RefLeCroytion Test Kit87512AAgilent50 ohm Trasmission/Reflection Test Kit, DC to 2GHz
32Trasmission/RefLeCroytion Test Kit87512BAgilent75 ohm Trasmission/RefLeCroytion Test Kit, 5Hz to 500MHz
33Verification kit85051BAgilent7mm Connector type, 300kHz to 26.5GHz, for 8510 series
34Verification kit85053BAgilent3.5mm Connector type, 300kHz to 26.5GHz, for 8510 series

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