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Spectrum / FFT Analyzer

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer35660AAgilentch1 488uHz to 102.4kHz/ch2 244uHz to 51.2kHz
2FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer35665AAgilent Dual-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer, 244uHz to 102.4KHz
3FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer35670AAgilent2CH
4FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer3589AAgilentSepctrum/ Network Analyzer, FFT Function 10 Hz to 150 MHz
5RF AnalyzerN9020AAgilent503 , EA3 , P03
6RF AnalyzerN9912AAgilentFieldFox, opt 111(Quickcal)/ 106(6GHz)
7RF AnalyzerN9912AAgilentFieldFox, opt 111(Quickcal)/ 104(4GHz)
8Spectrum Analyzer8561EAgilent6.5GHz
9Spectrum Analyzer8563AAgilent9KHz to 22GHz, 10Hz to 1MHz Resolution
10Spectrum Analyzer8563EAgilent26.5GHz
11Spectrum Analyzer8563ECAgilent26.5GHz
12Spectrum Analyzer8592LAgilent22GHz
13Spectrum Analyzer8593EAgilentopt 004/ 041
14Spectrum Analyzer8593EAgilentopt 026 (26.5GHz Frequency Expansion)
15Spectrum Analyzer8596EAgilentHP label/ 9KHz - 12.8GHz, 041(GPIB and Parallel dual interface)/ 101(Fast time-domain sweeps and Analog + display)/ 140(Narrow resolution bandwidths/precision frequency reference)
16Spectrum AnalyzerE4402BAgilent9KHz - 3GHz, Dynamic Range 90.5dB/99dB, OPT A4H/ STD/ B75
17Spectrum AnalyzerE4403BAgilent9KHz ~ 3GHz, opt BAS
18Spectrum AnalyzerE4407BAgilent26.5GHz, opt A4H(GPIB&Parallel) , B74(RF/Digital Communication H/W) , BAH(GSM)
19Spectrum AnalyzerE4440AAgilentopt 1D5,UK6
20Spectrum AnalyzerESA-L1500AAgilent9kHz - 1.5GHz, Dynamic Range : -120dBm - +30dBm, 1Hz - 3MHz RBW
21Spectrum AnalyzerFSEB30(1066.3010.30)R & S20Hz to 7GHz, opt B4(Low Phase Noise)/ B5(FFT Bandwidth 1Hz~1KHz)
22Spectrum AnalyzerFSIQ7R & S20Hz to 7GHz
23Spectrum AnalyzerMS2663AAnritsu9kHz~8.1GHz, 1KHz to 5MHz RBW, Color Display, opt 01, 03, 04, 06, 09
24Spectrum AnalyzerN9320AAgilent3GHz
25Spectrum AnalyzerR3132Advantest9KHz to 3GHz
26Spectrum AnalyzerR3132NAdvantest75ohm input, 9KHz to 3GHz, opt 27(Narrow-band resolution bandwidths)/ 74(Tracking generator 100KHz to 3GHz)
27Spectrum AnalyzerR3671Advantest20Hz to 13GHz Signal Analyzer, opt 22(High-stability frequency reference source)/ 50(3GPP modulation analysis software/ HSDPA supported)
28Spectrum Analyzer Adapter for RSARTPA2ATekInterface Tektronix P7000 series high-performance active and differential probes to Tektronix real-time spectrum analyzers
29Spectrum Analyzer for CATV2714Tek1.8GHz, 75ohm, opt 2707 TG
30Spectrum Analyzer for EMC with TG8593EMAgilentwith TG
31Spectrum Analyzer Handheld with TGFSH6 model.26R & S100KHz to 6GHz with TG & Preamp
32Spectrum Analyzer Handheld with TGN9340BAgilent100KHz to 3GHz
33Spectrum Analyzer Real TimeRSA3303ATekDC to 3GHz
34Spectrum Analyzer Real TimeRSA3408BTekDC to 8GHz, 0.1Hz Resolution, opt 06/ 21/ 29/ L5/ A6/ 02/ 03/ 05
35Spectrum Analyzer with TGE4405BAgilent9KHz - 13.2GHz, opt 1AX (Replace GPIB with serial port) , 1D5 (High-stability frequency reference) , 1D6 (Time-gated spectrum analysis) , 1DN (50 Ω tracking generator) , 1DR (Narrow resolution bandwidths) , AYX (Fast time domain sweep; IF, sweep,and video output ports) , B7B (TV trigger on screen measurement) , BAA (FM demodulation/ deviation)
36Spectrum Analyzer with TGE4411BAgilent1DN(TG)/ A4J(IF and sweep ports)/ A4H(GPIB and Centronics)
37Spectrum Analyzer with TGR3365AAdvantest100Hz to 8GHz,, 10Hz to 3MHz RBW, Tracking Generator
38Spectrum Analyzer/ Video AnalyerAT2500R3Sunriseopt CATV measurement/ Digital CH. Power/ Time Domain Measurement

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