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Spectrum / FFT Analyzer

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
1FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer35660AAgilentch1 488uHz to 102.4kHz/ch2 244uHz to 51.2kHz
2FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer35665AAgilent Dual-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer, 244uHz to 102.4KHz
3FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer35670AAgilent1D2(Swept sine measurements)/ 1D3(Curve fit/synthesis)
4FFT/ Dynamic Signal Analyzer3589AAgilentSepctrum/ Network Analyzer, FFT Function 10 Hz to 150 MHz
5RF AnalyzerN9912AAgilentFieldFox, opt 111(Quickcal)/ 106(6GHz)
6RF AnalyzerN9912AAgilentFieldFox, opt 111(Quickcal)/ 104(4GHz)
7Spectrum Analyzer8561AAgilent
8Spectrum Analyzer8561EAgilent6.5GHz
9Spectrum Analyzer8562EAgilent30Hz - 13.2 GHz
10Spectrum Analyzer8563AAgilent9KHz to 22GHz, 10Hz to 1MHz Resolution
11Spectrum Analyzer8563EAgilent26.5GHz
12Spectrum Analyzer8593EAgilentopt 004/ 041
13Spectrum Analyzer8595EAgilentAgilent label
14Spectrum AnalyzerE4402BAgilent9KHz - 3GHz, opt 1DS(3.0GHz PreAMP)/ A4H/ AYX(Fast Sweep & Ports)
15Spectrum AnalyzerE4404BAgilent9KHz to 6.7GHz, opt 1D5,1DR,A4H
16Spectrum AnalyzerE4411BAgilent0B0/ A4H(GPIB and Centronics)
17Spectrum AnalyzerE4440AAgilent26.5GHz, opt 1D5,UK6
18Spectrum AnalyzerESA-L1500AAgilent9kHz - 1.5GHz, Dynamic Range : -120dBm - +30dBm, 1Hz - 3MHz RBW
19Spectrum AnalyzerFSEB30(1066.3010.30)R & S20Hz to 7GHz, opt B4(Low Phase Noise)/ B5(FFT Bandwidth 1Hz~1KHz)
20Spectrum AnalyzerFSIQ7R & S20Hz to 7GHz
21Spectrum AnalyzerFSIQ7R & Sopt B4(Low Phase Noise)/ B5(FFT Bandwidth 1Hz-1KHz)/ B7(Vector Signal Analysis)
22Spectrum AnalyzerMS2663AAnritsu9kHz~8.1GHz, 1KHz to 5MHz RBW, Color Display, opt 01, 03, 04, 06, 09
23Spectrum AnalyzerN9320AAgilent3GHz
24Spectrum AnalyzerR3132Advantest9KHz to 3GHz
25Spectrum AnalyzerR3132NAdvantest75ohm input, 9KHz to 3GHz, opt 27(Narrow-band resolution bandwidths)/ 74(Tracking generator 100KHz to 3GHz)
26Spectrum AnalyzerR3671Advantest20Hz to 13GHz Signal Analyzer, opt 22(High-stability frequency reference source)/ 50(3GPP modulation analysis software/ HSDPA supported)
27Spectrum Analyzer Adapter for RSARTPA2ATekInterface Tektronix P7000 series high-performance active and differential probes to Tektronix real-time spectrum analyzers
28Spectrum Analyzer for CATV2714Tek1.8GHz, 75ohm, opt 2707 TG
29Spectrum Analyzer for EMC with TG8593EMAgilentwith TG
30Spectrum Analyzer Real TimeRSA3303ATekDC to 3GHz
31Spectrum Analyzer Real TimeRSA3408BTekDC to 8GHz, 0.1Hz Resolution, opt 06/ 21/ 29/ L5/ A6/ 02/ 03/ 05
32Spectrum Analyzer Real TimeRSA507ATekUSB Real Time Oscilloscope 9KHz to 7.5GHz, demo unit
33Spectrum Analyzer with TGE4405BAgilent9KHz - 13.2GHz, opt 1AX (Replace GPIB with serial port) , 1D5 (High-stability frequency reference) , 1D6 (Time-gated spectrum analysis) , 1DN (50 Ω tracking generator) , 1DR (Narrow resolution bandwidths) , AYX (Fast time domain sweep; IF, sweep,and video output ports) , B7B (TV trigger on screen measurement) , BAA (FM demodulation/ deviation)
34Spectrum Analyzer with TGE4411BAgilent1DN(TG)/ A4J(IF and sweep ports)/ A4H(GPIB and Centronics)
35Spectrum Analyzer TGR3132Advantest9KHz to 3GHz, opt 74(TG)
36Spectrum Analyzer TG/ HHFSH6 (26)R & S100KHz to 6GHz with TG & Preamp
37Spectrum Analyzer TG/ HHN9340BAgilent100KHz to 3GHz, opt PA3 (Amplifier)/ TG
38Spectrum Analyzer with TGR3365AAdvantest100Hz to 8GHz,, 10Hz to 3MHz RBW, Tracking Generator
39Spectrum Analyzer/ Video AnalyerAT2500R3Sunriseopt CATV measurement/ Digital CH. Power/ Time Domain Measurement

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