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Oscilloscopes/ Logic Analyzer

IDProductModelMan.Spec/ option
3DSODSA8200TekDigital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope
4DSOTDS8000BTekmainframe only
5DSOTDS8200Tekwith 80C08B-CR1/ 80C03-CR
6DSOTDS8200Tekmainframe only
7DSOTDS8200Tek80C11/ 80C07B
8DSO Cal KitN1024AAgilentCal Kit for 86100 series
9DSO Module8.00E+05TekTDR module
10DSO Module83491AAgilentElectrical clock recovery module
11DSO Module 86106BAgilent28 GHz Optical / 40 GHz Electrical Plug-in Module
12DSO Module TDR54754AAgilentTDR module
13DSO ProbeN1020AAgilentTime Domain Probe kit for 86100 series
14DSO Probe I/F Module80A03TekInterfaces Tektronix P7000 Series high-performance active and differential probes to DSA8300 sampling scopes
15DSO Protection Module80A02Tek80A02 protection module
16DSO TDR ProbeP8018TekTDR Probe single ended
17DSO TDR ProbeP80318TekTDR Probe differential
18High Impedance AdapterE2697A with 10073CAgilentHigh Impedance Adapter (includes 500 MHz passive probe)
19Logic Analyzer16702BAgilent16716A/ 16522A, without grabber
20Logic Analyzer1671GAgilent102ch 135MHz State/ 500MHz Timing(half ch), without grabber
21Logic Analyzer1673GAgilent34ch 135MHz State/ 500MHz Timing(half ch), without grabber
22Logic Analyzer16802AAgilentwithout grabber
23Logic Analyzer16803AAgilent101(HDD)/ 103(15 inch display with touch screen)/ 111, 102ch, 32M memory, 250MHz state, without grabber
24Logic Analyzer1680ADAgilent136ch Stand alone type Logic Analyzer, without grabber
25Logic Analyzer16822AAgilentlogic channel 68, pattern generator 48ch, High-speed timing zoom 4GHz(250ps) with 64K depth, Max Timing Sample Rate 1.0GHz for half ch/ 500MHz for full ch, 32M memory, 500M state, opt 101/ 103/ 111, without grabber
26Logic Analyzer1682AAgilent68ch Stand alone type Logic Analyzer, without grabber
27Logic Analyzer1682ADAgilent68ch Stand alone type Logic Analyzer, without grabber
28Logic Analyzer16902AAgilentmainframe only
29Logic Analyzer16903AAgilent102ch Logic Analyzer, 3 Module Mainframe, 12.1 inch color touch screen, 2 USB, 80GB HDD, 24X CD-ROM Drive, 16910A, without grabber
30Logic AnalyzerTLA7012Tekwith TLA7AA4 (136ch), without grabber
31Logic AnalyzerTLA7012Tekmainframe only
32Logic Analyzer AccessoryN4851A/ E4861A for 16822AAgilentN4851A(opt 010) (MIPI D-PHY Digital Acquisition Probe) 1 unit/ E4861A (Serial Stimulus Probe),
33Oscilloscope AnalogTS-81000IwatsuDC to 1GHz Analog Oscillocope
34Oscilloscope Digital54610BAgilent500MHz Bandwidth/ 20MS, 2ch, mono display
35Oscilloscope Digital54622DAgilent100MHz 2ch, Oscilloscope only
36Oscilloscope Digital54810AAgilent500MHz Bandwidth, 2ch, 1GS/s on each ch
37Oscilloscope Digital54815AAgilentInfinium Oscilloscope, 500MHz 4ch, 1GS/s on each ch, 33Kpts memory, USB memory
38Oscilloscope Digital54835AAgilent1GHz Bandwidth, 4ch, 4GS/s & 64Kpts for 2 ch/, 2GS/s & 32Kpts for 4ch, Color LCD Display
39Oscilloscope Digital54846AAgilentInfinium seriese oscilloscope, 2.25GHz Bandwidth, 8GS/s
40Oscilloscope DigitalDL1540CYokogawa(701530)-M/B5, 150MHz, 200MS/s , 4CH
41Oscilloscope DigitalDL7100 Yokogawa4ch Analog 16ch Logic Input, 500MHz Bandwidth, 1GS/s, SPI bus, Color LCD Display
42Oscilloscope DigitalDL7200Yokogawa500MHz Bandwidth, 4ch with 16ch Logic Analyzer input
43Oscilloscope DigitalDL9040L (701308)Yokogawa-M-HJ/B5
44Oscilloscope DigitalDL9140 (701310)Yokogawa4ch, 1GHz Bandwidth, 1 GHz max. 5 GS/s (2.5 GS/s/ch), 2.5 Mword/ch -F(VDE standard)-HE(English Help)/ B5(Built in Printer)/ P2(Probe power connections on rear panel (2 outputs for current probes, differential probes))
45Oscilloscope DigitalDL9240 (701312)Yokogawa1.5GHzbandwidth, 10GS/s(5GS/s/ch), 2.5Mword/ch, 4ch, 1.5GHz Bandwidth, opt -M-HJ/B5(Built-in printer)/P2(Probe power connections on rear panel, 2 outputs for 900 MHz FET probe and current probe)/C8(Built-in HDD + Ethernet Interface)
46Oscilloscope DigitalDPO2014Tek100MHz Bandwidth, 4ch
47Oscilloscope DigitalDPO3012Tek2ch, 100MHz Bandwidth
48Oscilloscope DigitalDPO4034Tek4ch, Bandwidth: 300MHz, Sample Rate:5GS/s
49Oscilloscope DigitalDPO4054Tek4ch 500MHz Bandwidth
50Oscilloscope DigitalDPO7104Tek4ch, 1GHz Bandwidth, Sampling 20GS/s for single ch, Record length 40M(1CH.)
51Oscilloscope DigitalDPO7104CTek
52Oscilloscope DigitalDPO7254TekTDSUSB2 , TDSET3
53Oscilloscope DigitalDSA70604 Tek6GHz Bandwidth, 25GS/s, opt 2XL/ MTH/ PTH/ ASM/ RTE/ JA3/ TDSP/ TDPTD
54Oscilloscope DigitalDSA70804CTekopt 2XL(20Meg MAX 20M/CH) , MTH(Serial Mask testing), PTH1 (3.125Gb/s Serial Patten Trigger), ASM( Advanced search & Mark) , STU (6.25Gb/s Serial Patten Trigger) , SR-810B (8b/10b Serial Analysis) , TDSPTD (Protocol Trigger and Decode) , DJA (Jitter and eye diagram Tools) , MHL(MHL Tekexpress)
55Oscilloscope DigitalDSA71254CTekP7513A 1 unit, opt 2XL/ MTH/ PTH1/ ASM/ DDRA/ STU/ PTD/ DJA
56Oscilloscope DigitalDSA90604AAgilent4ch, 6GHz bandwidth, 40GS/s, 1Gpts memory, 8 bits ADC, 12.1 inch display, Window 7 OS, opt 009(InfiniiScan, fixed perpetual license)/ 035(MIPI D-PHY compliance application)/ 803/ 805(GPIB card-interface)/ 003(High-Speed SDA and clock recovery)/ 004(EZJIT plus jitter analysis software)/ 005(20M Memory)/ 800(Standard hard drive)
57Oscilloscope DigitalDSA90804AAgilentopt DSA Scope/ 50Mpts memory/ EZJIT Plus/ Serial Data Analysis/ Noise Reduction/ InfiniScan/ App Remote/ DDR1 Compliance/ DDR2 Compliance/ DDR3 Compliance
58Oscilloscope DigitalDSO3102A Agilent100MHz/ 1GS, 2ch
59Oscilloscope DigitalDSO3152AAgilent150MHz/ 1GS, 3ch
60Oscilloscope DigitalDSO3202AAgilent200MHz/ 1GS, 2ch
61Oscilloscope DigitalDSO80304BAgilent3GHz Bandwidth, 40GS/s , opt 001(2-M (2 channels), 1-M (4 channels) memory upgrade)
62Oscilloscope DigitalLT224LeCroy4ch 200MHz 200MS/S DIGITISING SCOPE
63Oscilloscope DigitalLT262LeCroy2ch 350MHz 1GS/S DIGITISING SCOPE
64Oscilloscope DigitalLT354LeCroy4ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 1GS/s, Color LCD Display
65Oscilloscope DigitalLT364 LeCroy500MHz, 1GS/s, 4ch, 250Kpts/s Record length
66Oscilloscope DigitalTDS1002BTek60MHz, 1GS/s, 2ch, USB
67Oscilloscope DigitalTDS1012Tek100MHz, 1GS/s, 2ch
68Oscilloscope DigitalTDS1012BTek100MHz, 1GS/s, 2ch, USB
69Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2001CTek50MHz, 500MS/s, 2ch, USB
70Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2002Tek2ch, 60MHz, 1GS/s, Color Display
71Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2002BTek2ch, 60MHz, 1GS/s, Color Display, USB
72Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2012Tek100MHz, 2GS/s, 2ch
73Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2012BTek100MHz, 2GS/s, 2ch, USB
74Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2012CTek100MHz, 2GS/s, 2ch, USB
75Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2014BTek4ch, 100MHz, 1GS/s, Color Display, USB port
76Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2022Tek2ch, 200MHz bandwidth, 2.5GS/s
77Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2022BTek2ch, 200MHz bandwidth, 2.5GS/s
78Oscilloscope DigitalTDS2024 Tek4ch, 200MHz, 2GS/s, 2500pts, Color LCD Display
79Oscilloscope DigitalTDS220Tek2ch, 100MHz bandwidth, 1GS/s
80Oscilloscope DigitalTDS224Tek4ch, 100MHz bandwidth, 1GS/s
81Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3012BTek100MHz 2ch
82Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3032Tek2ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 10K/ch, Color LCD
83Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3032BTek2ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 11K/ch, Color LCD
84Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3034Tek4ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s
85Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3034BTek4ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s, 10K/ch memory
86Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3052Tek2ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display
87Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3052BTek2ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display
88Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3054Tek4ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display
89Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3054B Tek4ch, 500MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display
90Oscilloscope DigitalTDS3064B Tek4ch, 600MHz Bandwidth 5GS/s, Color LCD Display
91Oscilloscope DigitalTDS380Tek400MHz, 2GS/s, 2ch, mono CRT
92Oscilloscope DigitalTDS5034BTek350MHz Bandwidth, 5GS/s, 4ch
93Oscilloscope DigitalTDS5104 Tek1GHz Bandwidth, 5GS/s, 4ch, 400Kpts memory
94Oscilloscope DigitalTDS5104BTek1GHz Bandwidth, 5GS/s, 4ch
95Oscilloscope DigitalTDS7054Tek500MHz, 4 CH, 5/5/2.5/2.5 GSa/s, 10.4"LCD
96Oscilloscope DigitalTDS7704B Tekopt 2M(2M/ch)
97Oscilloscope DigitalTDS784DTek1GHz Bandwidth, 4GS/s, 4ch, Color CRT display
98Oscilloscope DigitalTPS2012Tek100MHz Bandwidth, 1GS/s, 2 port full Isolated and Floating Channels
99Oscilloscope DigitalTPS2024Tek200MHz, 2Gs/s, 4ch, 2.5K memory, Colour LCD Display, Four isolated channel
100Oscilloscope DigitalWaveJet334LeCroy350MHz bandwidth/ 2GS/ 500Kpts memory, 7.5 inch color LCD
101Oscilloscope DigitalWavePro7100LeCroyBandwidth 1GHz, 4ch, 20GSa/S
102Oscilloscope DigitalWavePro954LeCroy1GHz Bandwidth/ 4ch/ single 8GS/s, memory length single 1M, front panel broken
103Oscilloscope DigitalWaveSufer424LeCroy200MHz Bandwidth, 2GSa/s, 4ch, max 2Mpts memory, 10.4 inch Color LCD Display, Window XP, USB
104Oscilloscope DigitalWavesurfer454LLeCroy500MHz bandwidth, 2GS/s, 4ch
105Oscilloscope Digital Disk Drive AnalyzerDDA-120LeCroyDisk Drive Analyzer, Single 5GS/s 16Mpts, Quad 2GS/s 4Mpts, Ch3 error
106Oscilloscope Digital HH190 series II 190-504Fluke4ch insulated, 500MHz bandwidth, 5GS/s
107Oscilloscope Digital HH199CFluke2ch, 200MHz bandwidth, 2.5GS/s
108Oscilloscope Digital HHTHS720ATekHand type O'scope, 100 MHz Bandwidth, 500MS/s per Channel
109Oscilloscope Digital HHTHS720PTekHand type O'scope, 100 MHz Bandwidth, 500MS/s per Channel
110Oscilloscope Digital HHTHS730ATekHand type O'scope, 200 MHz Bandwidth, 1GS/s
111Oscilloscope Digital Mixed Signal54642DAgilentMixed Signal Oscilloscope, 2 Analog ch/ 16 digital ch, 500MHz Bandwidth, 2GS/s, 8MB Max memory, Mono CRT
112Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalDL7440 (701460)Yokogawa4 analog Ch & 16 bit Logic, 500MHz Bandwidth, 2GS/S, 16MW memory,opt -F-J1/B5/N3(Logic Module)
113Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalDL7480 (701470)Yokogawa-M/J1/B5/E4/N3/7N
114Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalDL9710L (701331)Yokogawa4ch 1GHz + Logic 32bits Max. 5 GS/s(2.5 GS/s/ch), 6.25 MW/ch -M-HJ-L4(Logic Probe 701981 4 units)/ B5(internal printer)/ P4(rear panel probe power)/ C8(internal HDD & ethernet I/F)/ 7M
115Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalDL9710L (701331)Yokogawa4ch 1GHz + Logic 32bits Max. 5 GS/s(2.5 GS/s/ch), 6.25 MW/ch -M-HJ-L4(Logic Probe 701981 4 units)/ B5(internal printer)/ P4(rear panel probe power)/ C8(internal HDD & ethernet I/F)/ G4(Power Supply Analysis Function)/ F8(I2C+CAN+LIN+SPI+UART bus analysis)
116Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalDLM2054 (710130)YokogawaDLM2054 4ch, 500MHz opt M-HJ/B5(Built-in printer)/C10(Ethernet Interface) near to brand new one with original brand new paper box, soft case and accessories
117Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalMSO4054Tek4+16 channel mixed signal oscilloscope ,500MHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s
118Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalMSO4104Tek4+16 channel mixed signal oscilloscope ,1GHz Bandwidth, 2.5GS/s
119Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalMSO5054Tek
120Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalMSO6054AAgilentAnalog 4ch 500MHz Bandwidth/ 4GS, 16ch Logic channel, 2Mpts MegaZoom III deep memory, LAN, USB, GPIB
121Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalMSO8104A Agilent4CH, 1GHz bandwidth, opt 002(EZJIT Jitter Analysis S/W)/ 007(I2C & SPI low speed serial data analysis S/W)/ 640(128 Mpts(2ch), 64 Mpts(per ch))
122Oscilloscope Digital Mixed SignalMSOX4104AAgilent4ch, 1GHz bandwidth, 5GS/s, 16ch digital
123Oscilloscope I/FTDS3GMTekRS232/GPIB I/F
124Oscilloscope I/FTDS3GVTekRS232/GPIB/VGA I/F
125Oscilloscope/ Recorder DigitalDL4200 Yokogawa4ch, 300MHz Bandwidth, 100MS/s, 10bit A/D converter, 100KW/ch, 3.5 inch FDD, mono CRT, opt M/B5/E2
126Oscilloscope/ Recorder DigitalDL708Yokogawa-1-M/M2/C8) / 701852(High-resolution high-voltage isolation module) 4 units/ 701860(Temperature Module) 1unit
127Oscilloscope/ Recorder DigitalDL750YokogawaHS10M12(701250) 4 modules, opt -M , -J1 , HJ
128Oscilloscope/ Recorder DigitalDL750P (701230)Yokogawamainframe only -M-J1-HJ-M1/C8/C10/G2/G3/P4
129Oscilloscope/ Recorder DigitalDL850 (91K939180)Yokogawa701260(HV with RMS, 100kS/s, 16 bit, 40KHz bandwidth, 2 isolated CH, 100V(10:1 probe)/850(direct input) module 3 units, -M-HJ/B5(Built-in printer (112mm)*)/HD1( Internal HDD (500GB)/C20(IRIG and GP-IB interface)/P4(Four probe power outputs )/7N
130Oscilloscope/ Recorder DigitalDL850VYokogawa-M-HJ/ DC/ HD1(Internal HDD 160GB)/ C20(IRIG and GP-IB interface)/ G3(Real time math function)/ P4(Four probe power outputs), 701255(2ch non isolated, 3MHz bandwidth, 10MS/s, 12 bit, max 250V(Direct input)/ 600V(with 10:1 probe model 701940))
131Probe Active700939YokogawaBandwidth: DC to 900 MHz, 1.5m long, 50 ohm output
132Probe Active1134AAgilent7 GHz, Dynamic Range: +/- 2.5V
133Probe Active1156AAgilent1.5GHz Active Probe
134Probe Active1168AAgilent10GHz
135Probe Active1169AAgilent12GHz InfiniiMax II series probe AMP
136Probe ActiveN2795AAgilent1GHz bandwidth, InfiniiVision 5000, 6000, 7000(except 6000 100MHz ) & InfiniiVision 9000, 90000 series
137Probe ActiveN2796AAgilent2GHz
138Probe ActiveP6205 TekDC to 750 MHz
139Probe ActiveP6209 TekFrequency Range 4 GHz, 5x, Type Active FET Probe
140Probe ActiveP6231TekDC to 1.5GHz, 1.6pF input C
141Probe ActiveP6249Tek5X, 4.0GHz Active FET Probe, TDS500/600/700/7000
142Probe ActiveP7240Tek4GHz Active
143Probe ActiveP7260Tek6GHz Active
144Probe ActivePBA2500Yokogawa2.5GHz Active Probe
145Probe ActiveTAP1500Tek1.5GHz Active Probe
146Probe ActiveTAP2500Tek2.5GHz Active Probe
147Probe Active Differential1159AAgilent1GHZ DIFFERENTIAL PROBE
148Probe AMP CurrentPS-26IwatsuCurrent Probe Power Supply
149Probe AMP CurrentTCPA300TekCurrent Probe: 100 MHz, Amplifier
150Probe CurrentA622Tek
151Probe CurrentA6302Tek50MHz BW, AC/DC, 12A max
152Probe CurrentA6303TekAC and DC Current Measurements to 100 A, DC to 15 MH
153Probe CurrentA6303XLTek17MHz, 8m length, 20A Current probe
154Probe CurrentA6304XLTek
155Probe CurrentCT2 with P6041TekAC Current Probe, 1.2KHz to 200MHz
156Probe CurrentCT4TekPulsed Currents to 20,000A, use with A6312/A6302/A6302XL/P6021/TCP202
157Probe CurrentN2820AKeysightKeysight label, 3MHz/50uA High Sensitivity AC/DC Current Probe (2-ch), Max range 5A
158Probe CurrentP6022TekAC Current Probe 120MHz
159Probe CurrentTCP0030TekAC/DC, 30 A, 120 MHz
160Probe CurrentTCP202TekAC/DC Current Probe, DC to 50MHz, 15A(DC+peak AC), Max peak 50A
161Probe CurrentTCP202ATek
162Probe CurrentTCP312Tek100MHz, 30V/21.2A/30A, min 1mA
163Probe Differential700924YokogawaDC to 100MHz, Max differential voltage ±1400 V(DC+ACpeak) or 1000 Vrms(1/1000)
164Probe Differential700925YokogawaDC to 15MHz, Max differential voltage : ±500 V(DC+ACpeak) or 350 Vrms (1/100)
165Probe Differential701920YokogawaDC to 500MHz Bandwidth, Max differential voltage: ±12 V(DC+ACpeak)
166Probe Differential701921YokogawaDC to 100 MHz, Max differential voltage : ±700 V(DC+ACpeak, 1/100)
167Probe Differential701922YokogawaDC to 200 MHz, Max differential voltage: ±20 V(DC+ACpeak)
168Probe Differential9322HiokiDC mode/ AC mode/ RMS mode, 1000:1, 2000 V DC, 1000 V AC (CAT II ), 600 V AC/DC (CAT III )
169Probe DifferentialAP033LeCroy500MHz Active Differential Probe
170Probe DifferentialAP034LeCroy1 GHz Active Differential Probe, slightly broken case
171Probe DifferentialMD200ASchaffnerDC to 10MHz, 2 ranges: 1:100 and 1:1000, Max. input voltage differential/ Common mode 7000Vp
172Probe DifferentialP3000Tek10KV max
173Probe DifferentialP5205Tek1300V(DC+pkAC)/, 100MHz, Tek probe power
174Probe DifferentialP6247TekDC to 1GHz
175Probe DifferentialP6248Tek1.5GHz BW, 265ps Rise time, X1/X10 attenuation
176Probe DifferentialP7313Tek12.5GHz bandwidth, 12.5Vp at 5x attenuation
177Probe DifferentialP7330Tek
178Probe DifferentialP7350Tek
179Probe DifferentialP7380Tek8GHz, Active Differential Probe
180Probe DifferentialP7380ATek8GHz, Active Differential Probe
181Probe DifferentialP7500TekTriMod Differential Probe
182Probe DifferentialP7513TekTriMod Differential Probe, 13 GHz, for TekConnect Interface
183Probe DifferentialP7513ATekTriMod Differential Probe, 13 GHz, for TekConnect Interface
184Probe DifferentialTDP1000TekDifferential Probe: 1 GHz, 5X/50X, +/- 42V, TekVPI
185Probe DifferentialWL600LeCroy7.5GHz
186Probe Head InfinimaxE2675AAgilent6 GHz bandwidth InfiniiMax differential browser probe head
187Probe High Voltage P5100TekHigh Voltage Probe, 250MHz, AC/DC 2.5KV, 100:1
188Probe High Voltage P5102 TekHigh Voltage Probe for THS700 Series, 100MHz, 10X, 1000V
189Probe High Voltage P6015ATeknearly brand new with original hard case, 75MHz, 20KV, 1000X
190Probe PassiveTPP1000Tek1GHz bandwidth passive probe
191Probe RogowskiCWT1500RPEMCWT Rogowski Current Tranducer, 300kA peak current rating, 0.020mV/A specified sensitivity, coil length 300mm
192SATA Test FixtureTF-SATALeCroySerial ATA Test Fixture
193Test FixtureTF-GBE-ATPTekGigabit Ethernet Compliance Test fixture, TEST CABLE, Rev 1

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