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Zivan is a leading provider of Control, Instrumentation & Automations solutions

Zivan's expertise allows to costumers and users receiving of complete in-house solution, including tailor-made PLC and HMI software, designed and engineered specifically for the customer's needs with all relevant components and covered by tight quality control and assurance procedures.

Our portfolio of vendors includes world-leading manufacturers as Unitronics, Anderson-Negele, Banner, TURCK and others.

Based on knowledge, specializations, proven experience and products portfolio , ZIVAN addresses wide range of projects :

• Production lines data acquisition
• Process control in factories and plants
• Building control for industries and educational institutions
• HVAC control systems (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning)
• Refrigerating control system
• Process control of plastic production
• Process control of microelectronic industry
• Process control in the food industry
• Control of automatic coating lines
• Control of tanks location
• Control of packaging machines
• Control of production process in clean rooms
• Control of automatic painting machines
• Control of wastewater, purification and pumping stations

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  • UNITRONICS - designs, manufactures, and markets quality PLCs for the global market. Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, our products have been automating processes, systems, and stand-alone applications since 1989.
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  • BANNER - is a global company and a globally recognized leader in the field of process and industrial automation. Our sensors and vision sensors, LED lights and indicators, wireless and safety products are used by companies large and small, from industry leaders in the Fortune 500 to innovators just entering the market

  • Anderson-Negele - is a global company specializing in the development and production of sensors and measuring equipment for hygienic applications. As your reliable and flexible partner, we aim to always provide you with the best solution for your process.

  • Turck - is your global, customer-oriented premium partner for reliable, industry-specific automation solutions. With leading-edge technologies, wide knowledge and direct proximity to our customers we optimize your long-term success. Providing more than 15.000 sensor, interface, connectivity and fieldbus technology products, as well as HMI/PLC solutions and RFID systems, Turck offers highly efficient solutions for factory and process automation.

  • Monnit - bridges the gap between industry and technology through the Internet of Things, empowering businesses with easy-to-use, low-cost remote monitoring solutions. Monnit solutions can be used to remotely monitor a variety of "Things” (i.e. temperature, motion, humidity, energy use, etc.), alerting you by text, email, and/or phone call when user-defined conditions are met. Our goal is to save you as much time, money, and stress as possible, by preventing issues with inventory, infrastructure, and more.

  • Neptronic - Founded in 1976, Neptronic is a private corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes products for the HVAC industry. Neptronic's product line includes intelligent controllers, electronic actuators, actuated valves, humidifiers and electric heaters.
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