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חברת רדט ציוד ומערכות שמחה להודיע על נציגות חדשה Optilia האלטרנטיבה החדשה למיקרוסקופ rdt partner of the year for 2017

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Testing made simple

Although critical to successful launches, testing is often downplayed and frequently back-ended in project plans. Even when testing needs are accommodated, sufficient priority is often not given to test automation and full integration of testing into the service-delivery lifecycle process. In addition, service providers and enterprises often have neither the background nor the expertise to properly evaluate the performance and interoperability of the multi-vendor devices and systems that make up their network. 

Comprehensive Integrated Test Solutions:
  • Project management – an experienced RDT project manager manages your test effort from start to finish.
  • Test process optimization – solutions targeted to your specific test needs help you get the most out of your Ixia test equipment and applications.
  • Test automation – enables you to perform cost-effective, efficient, and repeatable lifecycle testing that enables you to deliver top -quality products.
  • Strategic placement – integration of testing into service delivery release lifecycle.
Industry-Leading Testing Resident Expertise:
  • Testing solution experts – critical access to trained experts to assist on urgent and late product development testing, customer proof-of-concepts, real-world solution demonstrations, and test lab setup, development, and on-going maturation.
  • Jumpstart training – five days of personalized, on-site training to introduce your team to our products and show how to best use those products for your testing requirements.
ProTest – Testing as a Service (TaaS):
  • Efficient, robust, and cost-effective testing services.
  • Packages industry-standard test plans, reports, and methodologies that apply to various aspects of an infrastructures’ lifecycle.
  • Addresses the needs of QA labs and IT departments, as well as pre- and post-production networks and systems for carriers, enterprises, and NEMs.
  • Bundles solutions (hardware, software, and services) to leverage our testing expertise along with our best-of-market testing products.

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