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The Model 1164 Reliability Test System offers a single test platform that provides true parallel testing for all semiconductor reliability applications. The Test System consists of individual Application Modules each paired with an individual Notebook Oven. Application Modules operate completely autonomously from each other. The Model 1164 provides testing for the following applications:


The Model 1164 provides a modular architecture so that customers can start with a system size that exactly matches their requirements and then easily expand as needed. The Test System can comprise of 1 to 64 Application Modules. Both Package Level Reliability and Wafer Level Reliability are supported.After completing testing, Analysis Software provides a statistical analysis tool to determine failure times based on various user defined failure conditions and graphically displays failure distributions and lifetime predictions.


The Model 1164 Test System provides unmatched throughput and the lowest overall cost-of-test. World-class service and support protects customer investments and helps customers meet critical deadlines.

1164 Reliability Test System

1164 Reliability Test System

Whether your needs are big or small, the 1164 Reliability Test System is right for you. This versatile test platform offers a large portfolio of reliability test applications in a single integrated system. [View more]

Wafer Level Testing (WLR)

Symphony WLR System

Intrinsic Wafer Level Reliability (WLR) is an increasingly valuable tool for semiconductor manufacturers. [View more]

Please contact sales for application specific reliability test product information

Application Target Technologies
Ultra High Accuracy EM Copper interconnects with geometries of 32nm and smaller
High Accuracy EM Copper and Aluminum inteconnects with geometries less than 90nm
Standard EM Copper and Aluminum interconnects with gate lengths larger than 90nm
High Current EM 3-D architectures, including TSVs and Bump Technologies
Standard TDDB Low-k dielectrics, barrier layers and 2-terminal gate oxide structures
High Voltage TDDB Thick gate oxides and BTS testing of copper
backend dielectrics and barrier layers
Extended Voltage TDDB TDDB testing up to 200V
High Accuracy TDDB Latest generations of high-k metal-gate, thin gate oxides and ILDs
Multi-terminal TDDB Multi-terminal MOSFET structures
Advanced HCI 4-terminal MOSFET structures, thin gates, ultra thin gates, high-k metal gates and bipolar technology
High Voltage HCI High voltage (up to 150V) HCI testing
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