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Plug-and-Play Performance Monitoring

Single source for application visibility, precise monitoring and swift issue resolution


Net Optics Introduces Spyke™, Application Aware - Network Performance Monitoring, AA-NPM

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The Spyke™ family of Network and Performance Monitoring solutions delivers a rich set of monitoring capabilities designed to see through the layers of the network. This visibility is delivered in real-time to enhance and lighten your network intelligence. With Spyke, small and medium-size businesses can finally afford a solution that unites Performance Management with Intelligent Access to forge a total network monitoring and access architecture, extending visibility and control to the critical application layer. Enterprises can use Spyke in tandem with existing performance and availability solutions to plug visibility holes in their monitoring infrastructure.

This approach gives IT Operations, application support teams and network engineers the ability to detect and fix network problems using true application identification and analysis before business and/or service delivery are degraded.

Spyke assures end-to-end network visibility so you can monitor and optimize your network for provisioning, security and high application performance. Whether you’re an SMB, a distributed office or an enterprise data center, Spyke helps you gain the network insights you need for agility and accurate troubleshooting. Now you can move forward confidently toward your business goals, with Spyke’s world-class capabilities at your side.

Spyke™, Application Aware - Network Performance Monitoring, AA-NPM

The New Direction in Application Monitoring

Whatever the size, location and scope of your needs—from remote site monitoring to monitoring at the core and points in between, Spyke’s flexible capabilities map to your requirements. With Spyke in place, you can locate and fix problems before they affect service delivery. Rely on Spyke for: Web-based applications monitoring, total end-to-end visibility, Deep Packet Monitoring (DPI) and real-time, session-based analytics.

Spyke’s key differentiators include:

  • Comprehensive visibility: Spyke’s visibility spans high-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to low-level packet capture for quick problem detection, isolation, diagnosis and resolution. Spyke’s easily deployed and intuitive GUI enables users to drill down quickly from high-level metrics to granular details of network traffic, pinpointing root causes of performance problems and restoring critical business services in the shortest time possible.
  • Application Intelligence: Spyke provides application-specific insights that are critical to timely root cause analysis. Examples include identification of actual user names, individual VoIP calls, and deep visibility of email traffic.
  • Real-time monitoring: Built to address critical business needs with the ability to support gigabit speeds, Spyke provides KPIs on a sub-minute level.

Revolutionary Application Intelligence Made Simple

Visibility is vital for smart decision-making and troubleshooting. Applications like social media, blogs, and P2P networking, as well as your core business applications need constant vigilance. The pressures on today’s network are extreme—and the pace keeps intensifying. Organizations operate across the globe, and people travel constantly, work from home and move offices. Spyke’s integrated solution ensures that applications are safe and performing up to par. No complex components and long training curves. Spyke lets you find, diagnose and resolve issues before they become crises.

Spyke - VoIP Traffic, Application Aware - Network Performance Monitoring, AA-NPM

All the Speed You Need

An easy-to-use GUI shows you everything happening on your network in real time with the precision of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and session-based analytics. Spyke’s sharp vision lets you take instant action to optimize application performance. It monitors packet, flow, and session, provides alerting based on thresholds, and reports on performance instantly and over time.

While conventional network monitoring approaches such as flow monitoring inspect only packet headers to derive information, Spyke lets users instantly identify how applications such as web, VoIP, video and so forth are used, helping to categorize and diagnose performance issues instantly.

Doing Our Part

Net Optics is dedicated to ensuring user safety, and to developing products that are environmentally friendly. Spyke adheres to UL and CE safety certifications; FCC, VCCI, and C-Tick EMC certifications; as well as RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.

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