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GL's Enhanced Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS)

Welcome to another November 2012 issue of GL Communications' Newsletter providing information on our enhanced Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS) product - a powerful simulator for telecommunications networks. A snapshot of the capabilities is shown below.

The DCOSS is a high density switch and a comprehensive traffic generator which supports large volumes of any traffic including voice, fax, modem, and tones. Unique applications of the DCOSS include Lawful Interception, Automated Attendant, IVR Testing, Gateway/ATA modem and fax testing, and SS7 Network simulation. For instance, being a self-contained system with capabilities to easily communicate with external networks, the DCOSS can support an entire SS7 network including LNP, GTT, internal traffic and external phones. Routing and hunt groups are fully supported and configurable.


DCOSS is ideal for simulating and testing advanced telecom networks/products including switches, gateways, and transmission systems. DCOSS is a central office switch with both T1 and E1 trunks along with analog and BRI ISDN phone interfaces. DCOSS supports a multitude of protocols including SS7 (SSP/STP/SCP), PRI ISDN (all variants ) and CAS (MFC-R2, E1 CAS, and T1 CAS). The DCOSS CAS State Machine provides the versatility of a user-defined script for simulating custom CAS protocols. 

DCOSS provides carriers and other operators with the ability to test virtually all elements of their networks. In addition, it provides a user-friendly GUI, remote client access (GUI, CLI, SDK), and scripting with which users can capture the performance of networks in a wide variety of scenarios.

Features of enhanced DCOSS:

  • New DCOSS T1/E1 Hardware

    The DCOSS has been enhanced to support the latest T1/E1 hardware. The latest DCOSS provides backwards compatibility for the previous versions of T1/E1 hardware as well. And it supports only Windows XP operating system.
  • CLI/SDK Support 

    Several new enhancements have been added to the DCOSS Remote for additional flexibility when using the remote Client. This includes send/record individual traffic (voice files, digits, tones, fax), access to the SS7 Link Status and increased status of the DCOSS Bulk Calling.
  • SS7 Enhanced Support 

    From the DCOSS GUI or the Remote Client, the individual SS7 Signaling Links can be enabled and disabled. This provides added flexibility when testing the SS7 network.
  • Bulk Call Scripting 

    In order to provide greater flexibility and communication within a running Bulk Call script, the DCOSS can send user-defined events between two scripts. The user-defined events allow for proper synchronization and positive feedback between the two sides of a call.
  • CAS State Machine 

    The DCOSS supports auto start of the CAS State Machine script after loading the T1/E1 trunks.
  • Fax support 

    The latest T1/E1 boards provide full fax capability without additional hardware. In other words, there is now a software option to provide minimum fax or full fax on all boards within the DCOSS (not board specific) when using the latest T1/E1 hardware.
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