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What to Watch Out for in 2013
Trends to Expect

"When it comes to achieving total network visibility, it’s not enough to keep up with market demands. One must anticipate future needs, evolving network requirements and increasingly complex security threats."

See Founder and Chairman of Net Optics Eldad Matityahu's predictions for the new year.

Technology Trends for 2013

Latest News From Net Optics

Questions for CxOs in a New Era

iBypass HD Version 4.1.0

Director 7.1.0

Get Ready for RSA!
Booth #1051

Software Update:
xStream™ 4.1

New Product:
Flex Tap™ MTP

The annual RSA Conference in San Francisco is just around the corner. Visit Net Optics at Booth #1051 to learn how Network Visibility plays a key role in securing your network against today's advanced threats.

xStream Family 4.1 offers new High Availability (HA) features for the xStream Network Packet Broker platform. New capabilities include additional redundancy functions for monitoring tools and expanded filtering and mapping.

This rack mount and modular Tap design provides the ability to mix-and-match the Flex Tap MTP Taps with the Flex Tap LC speeds of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G within a single 1U deployment.



More Thoughts From the Net Optics Team


Bob Shaw


5 Resources for the Most Out of Virtualization


Dave Britt

Bob Shaw's Predictions for 2013

5 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Virtualization

Optimized Packet Analysis

Net Optics CEO, Bob Shaw, provides his perspective on Virtualization, SDN, and the migration to 40G and 100G networks in 2013.

Who do we read to help stay on top of what's happening in the rapidly evolving world of Virtualization? We've collected a list of industry experts we think are worth reading.

Dave Britt, Director of APM Solutions, explains why what we really need is an Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring  solution that provides the best of both worlds: the speed and efficiency of flow monitoring with the fidelity of packet capture.





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