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22 October | Managing Wireless Security in a BYOD World   
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IP Expo London / 16 & 17 October / Booth A8
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Donet AB Sweden / 23 & 24 October / Elmässan Elektroshow / Booth A09  
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WLAN Analysis

When SSIDs Go Bad

SSIDs are those familiar wireless network names carried by 802.11 beacon and probes frames. A "malicious SSID” refers to an SSID Information Element (IE) that is generated for the express purpose of exploiting a product flaw, either in a wireless AP/client that might receive and fail to parse the SSID, or in a wireless management system that might unsuccessfully attempt to display the SSID. 
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Internet of Wireless Things

Pundits say that the next big thing on the Internet will be a lot of little things, which will amount to 100 billion devices by 2020. The little things will include embedded devices such as sensors that continuously monitor and report on discreet objects such as appliances as well as the human condition and communicate status updates via RFID.  Click to read more »


IT Networking


The Importance of Capturing Every Network Packet for Application Analysis

When analyzing an application problem, it is critical to capture traffic in the right location, with the right method (SPAN or TAP), on the right server, using the right analyzer – one that won't drop traffic.  
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Fluke Networks - YouTube Channels

Have you already discovered the Fluke Networks YouTube Channels? 
It's a great way to stay up to date of the latest product introductions, capabilities, demo's, playlists per language and how-to-videos providing great tips on how to configure your unit, configure SNMP traps, capture packets and more.

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Datacom Cabling


How to Increase Multimode Testing Accuracy with Encircled Flux

Anyone who’s ever tested a multimode fiber optic link with light sources from different equipment vendors will know that the loss measurement can vary by as much as 50 percent. Without proper controls, multimode light sources will inject light differently into multimode fibers.
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Get ready to overachieve with Versiv - Request a demo now!

The new Versiv Family has been designed to accelerate every step on the path from project planning and instrument setup to system acceptance. Its revolutionary ProjX™ Management System puts you in control of up to 100 projects simultaneously. It is designed to get more jobs done first time right with less supervision. Thanks to ProjX the typical project and setup related problems that can seriously impact the profitability of a project, are prevented.

The OptiFiber Pro OTDR  features the industry’s shortest event and attenuation dead zones, a single-touch "DataCenter" mode and the "TaptiveTM” SmartPhone User Interface. The EventMapTM view displays the measurement in a clear and concise way that requires no interpretation whatsoever. A Visual Fault Locator is integrated and an optional integrated Fiber Inspection Camera is available as well.

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The DSX-5000 CableAnalyzerTM tests a Cat. 6A link twice as fast as the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzerTM, is  verified to IEC Level V, the most stringent accuracy requirement, and features several new innovative capabilities amongst which a shield test and a DC Resistance Unbalance measurement. Operation is extremely simple thanks to the "TaptiveTM” SmartPhone User Interface. Already 17 leading cabling manufactures have endorsed the new DSX-5000.

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Versiv features an ingenious, modular design. Users can switch between copper certification, OLTS (Tier 1 Fiber), OTDR (Tier 2 Fiber) and Wi-Fi/Network Analysis with the greatest of ease; simply insert a dedicated module and everything's ready to go

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